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The Crypto of the Month + Giveaway: Aeternity [AE]

In “The crypto of the month” in September we are going to talk about Aeternity, a project that from Crypto Economy we have followed since its inception, with a lot of potential and that still has a lot to contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In a nutshell, we could say that æternity is a blockchain project that aims to propose decentralized and untrusted alternatives to existing intermediaries of governance, economics and finance.

The Aeternity token, [AE] that began as an Ethereum ERC20 token, already has its own blockchain, the migration of the ERC20 tokens to the Aeternity Mainnet, has been done in 3 phases, the third and last one has ended last 2 September, as indicated by the aeternity forum:

(All Ethereum AE tokens become non-transferable after September 2)

Users can still migrate their AE tokens after the end of Phase 3, provided they do not use a smart contract to manage them. More information coming soon.

Disclaimer: The “Crypto of the month” section should not be used as an investment advice, since the projects promoted in it are based exclusively on the criteria of the Crypto Economy team, we are not responsible for the use that is given to the shared information

Aeternity [AE]: The Crypto of the Month (September 2019)

aeternity concurso giveaway
Aeternity [AE]

Æternity is a blockchain technology, designed to offer unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability.

They say from their website.

To do this, Aeternity offers secure, efficient and economical smart contracts. Thanks to its network of state channels, it allows the exchange of value with anyone without the need for intermediaries.

Another feature that differentiates aeternity from other companies in the sector is its oracle, which connects real-world data with smart contracts.

If to fulfill these smart contracts depends on conditions such as the weather, the price of an action at a given time or information that occurred somewhere in the world, the oracle of aeternity provides this data 100% real and tamper-proof.

The governance of aeternity is implemented by delegated voting, weighted by the amount of AE in possession. It uses a hybrid algorithm of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).

Aeternity Ecosystem

Thanks to the effort of the Aeternity team to bring the adoption of its project closer together, its ecosystem is growing more and more, among the actions in which the platform works, we can highlight:

  • Incubator Foundation: From where they support developers and entrepreneurs who develop their projects in æternity.
  • Associations: æternity is initiating partnerships in different sectors to bring blockchain technology to use in the real world.
  • Education: Workshops and tutorials, so that technology is easily accessible.
  • Æpps: æternity will deliver open source æpps with the launch of the platform.

Links of interest

Articles about Aeternity


The Crypto of the Month: Aeternity- Crypto Economy Giveaway – 1,000 AE in prizes!

In this contest, we will distribute a total of 1000 AE (≈200 $) in prizes among 4 winners, these prizes will be divided as follows:


  • First Prize 450 AE
  • Second Prize 250 AE
  • Third Prize 150 AE
  • Fourth Prize 150 AE

Contest Terms and Conditions

The contest will be held through the Gleam platform where we will propose a series of actions (click on like, retweet, visit a page, etc.), which when doing them will be assigning tickets to the participants, once the contest is over, the application will do a random selection of tickets from which the winners will be chosen, so that the more tickets have been obtained the greater the opportunity to win one of the prizes.

The period of participation in the contest will begin on September 6 and end on September 30.

General rules

You can read the general rules of our contests at the following link: https://crypto-economy.com/contests-legal-rules/

Winners will be announced in the following networks:

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Good luck to everyone and thanks for participating!

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