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cryptocurrency news crypto economyDiscover in our section the latest news about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and the so-called altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies).

Since 2011, thanks to the standard Bitcoin open source, new cryptocurrencies known as Altcoins are beginning to emerge, that use blockchain technology as an alternative to Bitcoin, complementing their ecosystem with new algorithms and functionalities.

Some of the best known altcoins are Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP], Tron [TRX] or Litecoin [LTC].

Today there are many exchange houses or crypto exchanges, where these cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a new investment market for financial assets that grows in volume and complexity every day.

Some of the best known cryptocurrency exchanges and where you can make your exchanges are: Binance, Poloniex, Kukoin, or Kraken, among others.



Ethereum 2.0 Will Start Its Rollout at Noon on December 1, Exchanges Announce ETH...

Ethereum 2.0 will start its rollout at noon on December 1. Today, at 12:00 PM UTC, Phase 0 will launch the beacon chain that will start the transformation from prooF-of-work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. This beacon chain will run alongside the original PoW chain.

Stellar-Backed Velo Labs Partners With Lightnet Group and Visa in Developing a Payment Solution

Velo Labs plans to develop a new payment solution for Asian citizens with the help of Visa and Lighten Group. The Stellar-backed company believes...

Justin Sun Posted an Update About Enhancing TRON Network’s Governance and Development

A new article is posted on TRON Foundation's blog titled: "Justin's Open Letter On How TRON Network Will Enhance Its Democratic Governance And Development...

IOHK Announced a New Version for Daedalus Flight Wallet

IOHK, one of the most active developers in the Cardano community, announced a new Beta version for the Daedalus wallet. The new Flight release...
IOTA Announced a New Partnership to Open a Laboratory for DLT Research

IOTA Announced a New Partnership to Open a Laboratory for DLT Research

IOTA announced a new partnership with Pantos and TU Wien focused on DLT research. They will collaborate to launch a research laboratory named after...

Bitrue Integrates Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF)

Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has successfully integrated Chainlink VRF to ensure a fair winner selection for its Daily XRP Raffle.

IOTA Foundation Published Standardization Update for November

Mike Bennet from IOTA Foundation published the latest updates about standardization in IOTA. Standardization is one of the critical missions in the IOTA blockchain....

Stellar Public Network Upgraded to Protocol 15

Stellar announced a new upgrade in the public network that will significantly affect users’ experience. The latest upgrade is called Protocol 15 and includes...

Bitcoin Surpasses JPMorgan Market Cap After Reaching $19,000

As Bitcoin reached prices that were last seen at the high of 2017's bull run, the leading cryptocurrency's market cap hit $352 billion and...
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ETH 2.0 Genesis Block is Coming as Deposit Contract Address Crosses Threshold

ETH 2.0 genesis block is coming on December 1st as the deposit contract address reaches the cross the 524,288 ETH threshold.

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