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Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018Bitcoin News is increasingly common, among many other reasons, because it is the strongest cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, the currency with the highest value in the world, the most accepted currency and the one with the highest market capitalization.

Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as the first decentralized p2p monetary system, opening a door to new ways of understanding the economy, outside the control of large central banks that monopolize money and its issuance.

In this section we offer the latest news related to Bitcoin and its technology that is changing the world.

Ex-Ripple Partner MoneyGram to Enable Access to Bitcoin in US

Ex-Ripple Partner MoneyGram to Enable Access to Bitcoin in US

Money transfer services company, MoneyGram's partnership with the blockchain firm, Ripple might be over, but its expansion plans across the cryptocurrency industry have not. In...
Bitcoin [BTC] Sees Unprecedented Capital Inflows; Here's What It Means

Bitcoin [BTC] Sees Unprecedented Capital Inflows; Here’s What It Means

Bitcoin's price has continued to gyrate below the psychological resistance level of $60K. This rendered swing trade probabilities unattractive. But 2021 is the...

Bitcoin’s Correlation With Ethereum Plunges To 0.67; Here’s What It Means

Bitcoin is losing grip over the cryptocurrency market for quite some time now. It has been dominance has witnessed a noticeable decline since...

Bitcoin [BTC] Hits $56K After MicroStrategy’s Revenue Surge

Bitcoin strengthened its rally and surged all the way to $56K after almost 10 days. It has been constructing a bullish momentum since...

Badger Announced Bitcoin Bridge; a Solution for Bringing BTC to DeFi

Badger Bitcoin Bridge is a new solution from the Badger team that facilitates using BTC token in DeFi applications. It helps Bitcoin users to...

Bitcoin Returns to $50K After Downward Trend of 5 Continues Days

Bitcoin has returned to $50K after seeing a continuous downfall of 5 consecutive days. On Sunday, April 26, Bitcoin rose for the first time in six days, surging above $52,000 as bulls pushed prices higher in early Asia trading hours Monday.
Bitcoin Price Sprints to new 2021 Highs but BTC/USD Bulls eyeing $94k

Bitcoin Price Sprints to new 2021 Highs but BTC/USD Bulls eyeing $94k

Bitcoin is at historic levels. Trading at over $62k, soaring to over $64.8k on Apr 14, is a testament demonstrating how crypto and blockchain...
How to buy Bitcoin in Canada

How to buy Bitcoin in Canada

If you want to buy Bitcoin in Canada, the easiest way to do so is to find an online Canadian Bitcoin exchange. Once you...
Bitcoin [BTC] Smashes Past New ATH Over $63K

Bitcoin [BTC] Smashes Past New ATH Over $63K

After weeks of trading sideways, Bitcoin is back with a bang. On the 13th of April, the world's flagship cryptocurrency was being currently...
CryptoCompare and VanEck Subsidiary MVIS Launch a Bitcoin Reference Rate That Updates Hourly

Bitcoin (BTC) Surges Again Above $60K Amid Reduced Supply

Bitcoin (BTC) has surged again above $60,000 levels as miners are holding newly minted coins. The world's biggest and best-known cryptocurrency hit $61,235 on Saturday, April 10, its highest in nearly a month.

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