WeTrue Decentralized Social Network Ready to Launch on Aeternity Blockchain

WeTrue Decentralized Social Network Ready to Launch on Aeternity Blockchain

WeTrue is a decentralized app project within Aeternity blockchain that is focused on Chinese users.

Liu Shao is the developer of WeTrue, who had developed some other products inside aeternity like AEChina.io . He just shared the latest details about the ongoing project and the need for some financial help from aeternity community on the project’s forum.

“Liu Shao – the creator of @aeknow has presented his latest project on #aeternity #blockchain: WeTrue is a #decentralized social network focused explicitly on #AE’s Chinese community.” tweeted Aeternity blockchain.

Chinese Community Waiting to Join Aeternity

Chinese developers have developed some great projects in aeternity blockchain. Liu Shao points on some of the most important ones, like AEknow, AEChina, Aeasy, and Aewallet. AEknow is a significant explorer for aeternity blockchain.

AEChina is the other project aimed at news and announcements about the aeternity community. After all, Liu believes that the Chinese community that also launched the first aeternity mining pools is essential in the development of Aeternity products.

Liu Shao believes the Chinese community inside Aeternity community needs a tool to collaborate more and take benefit from the broader network. He calls WeTrue as a solution for this challenge.

“WeTrue is a decentralized broadcast social Aepp which based on blockchain technology, through sharing, dissemination and acquisition relationship information of users and sharing short real-time message through attention mechanism,” according to Liu’s post.

The decentralized social network claims to store all the data and behavioral information of the users separated from the centralized model. Besides, WeTrue will be available for both PC and mobile platforms.

The social network is now 90 percent completed, and all technical challenges are solved. But some problems like server renting and marketing costs slow the development team, and they call for “economic assistance” from Aeternity team.

“Please keep the spark of the Chinese community, a single spark can start a prairie fire,” says Liu at the end of the post.

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