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Polkadot is a blockchain that has a very clear and innovative goal: to function as an interconnection hub for the various existing blockchains.

To this end, Polakadot has two main functions.

The first is to function as a data transmission and processing blockchain. This would allow Polkadot to be an extra layer of scalability for other blockchains.

And the second is independent operation through its own blockchains. Which gives Polkadot the ability to run its own Smart Contracts and host Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Polkadot uses Parachains technology, which allows it to create sub-chains with independent operation from the main chain, known as Relay Chain.

Crypto Market Steps Up; Bitcoin Breaches $31K

Crypto Market Steps Up; Bitcoin Breaches $31K

The crypto market showed positive signs after Bitcoin (BTC) closed in green following nine consecutive weeks of tracking losses during the close. Ethereum (ETH)...
Bitcoin (BTC) Touching Prices Not Seen Since January. What Is Happening?

Bitcoin (BTC) Touching Prices Not Seen Since January. What Is Happening?

Bitcoin (BTC) continued to drop for four straight days crashing down to almost a four-month low since January and a decline of more than...
Cryptocurrency Market Suffers Another Fall; What Happened?

Cryptocurrency Market Suffers Another Fall; What Happened?

Cryptocurrency market volatility continues to pummel the prices of digital tokens with Bitcoin (BTC) remaining below the $40k mark for the majority of the...
Subquery launches program $500K projects Polkadot

SubQuery Launches $500K Grant Program to Boost Polkadot Projects

Data indexing solution SubQuery has announced the launch of a $500,000 grant program to boost teams building on Polkadot Network.
Assessing what's driving Polkadot's [DOT] appeal

Assessing what’s driving Polkadot’s [DOT] appeal

Polkadot is still one of the most appealing investments in the crypto market and is the most commonly held crypto by funds. According to...

Polkadot Parachain Auctions will Commence on Thursday, Nov.11, 2021

The Polkadot ecosystem is all set to begin its new era as the Polkadot parachain auctions are going to start from tomorrow, Thursday, November 11.

Composable Finance’s Canary Network Picasso Will be the 13th Kusama Parachain

Composable Finance’s canary network Picasso will now be onboarded as Kusama’s 13th parachain at the start of the next lease period as it has won the 12th parachain auction.

Kusama: Third-Batch for 24 Parachains Has Commenced

Kusama parachain auctions for the third batch of 24 parachains has commenced on Monday, October 25, after two days of delay.

Much-Awaited Polkadot Parachain Auctions to Begin on November 11, 2021

After Kusama, the main Polkadot chain is now all set to host the first parachain on its Relay Chain as the team has announced that the much-awaited Polkadot parachain auctions would begin on November 11, 2021.

Altair Network Has Joined the Kusama Network as 10th Parachain

Altair Network has joined the Kusama Network as the 10th parachain as it was announced the winner of 9th parachain slot auction.

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