Coinmarketcap Chose aenalytics as the Explorer for aeternity

CoinMarketCap, the leading platform for providing market data on cryptocurrencies, listed ænalytics as the explorer for æternity.

CoinMarketCap that is now an asset of Binance exchange, will give information on æternity token (AE) from that platform. “we are now listed on @CoinMarketCap as #explorer for @aeternity,” tweeted ænalytics.

Aenalytics is one of the explorers for aeternity blockchain. Although aeternity itself has a built-in blockchain explorer for mainnet and testnet – aeternal, there are multiple third-party explorers out there. Aeknow is one of the most famous ones that aeternity introduces on the official website, too.

CoinMarketCap provides various data for cryptocurrencies and tokens. Besides some data like price, market cap, volume, circulating supply, etc, it provides data for users interested in acting inside the coin’s community. Exchanges and explorers are two essential tools for traders and holders of each cryptocurrency. CoinMarketCap introduces explorers for each currency, and aenalytics is the second one for AE token now.

aeternity [AE] invertir en 2019

Explorers in the blockchain industry are like web browsers. They let the users search for transaction data, info about wallets, and much more information according to the underlying technologies and features of each blockchain.

Aenalytics is developed by Kryptokrauts, one of the most active developers in aeternity blockchain. The team provides tools for developing inside aeternity blockchain, too, including Java SDKs.

Aenalytics explorer lets the user search for transactions and wallets inside aeternity blockchain. Besides, they can customize the dashboard and default data by adding an account. However, aenalytics, like many other explorers in the blockchain industry, does not force users to add an account as a prerequisite to search inside the network.

Users can search for auctions inside aeternity in aenalytics and see the live auctions, too. Auctions are focused on naming inside aeternity platform. This blockchain lets the users name their public addresses through aeternity Naming System (AENS).

“Names in the AENS are registered through a trustless auction process,” according to aeternity official website.

So the users can search for famous names inside aeternity explorers and see the winners and winning bids for each name.