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cryptocurrency price analysisCrypto Economy section, we will publish every week the technical price analysis of Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and other cryptocurrencies.

These analyzes are prepared by our specialists based on the evolution of the markets.

A technical price analysis provides excellent and useful information that can help us know when is the best time to make movements in our investments or when it is not a good time to operate.

But we must not only take this information into account, the monitoring of the prices of a cryptocurrency must be accompanied by an investigation into the latest news related to it.

So we can get an idea about whether the price increase or decrease has occurred due to an event related to the project or if it could be a market manipulation, etc.

ripple price analysis

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Price Sheds 22%, MoneyGram Freezes its Relationship with Ripple

Like most crypto assets, the Ripple price is in red, paring losses with the greenback on the last day but down 22 percent week-to-date. Weighing...
Financial Experts Are Predicting More Triumphs For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Slumps, will BTC/USD Find Support at $42k?

After the turbulence of the first half of the week, the Bitcoin price is stable, attempting to shake off bears and re-instill confidence in...

Ethereum Price Free Falls as Gas Fees reach $31, Will ETH/USD Stumble Back to...

The decimation of crypto didn't spare Ethereum. As of writing, there has been a pullback from the plunge of the last two days. Nonetheless,...

Ripple Price Analysis: SEC is “Dead Wrong,” XRP/USD adds 16%

The Ripple price firm, even though it is sliding versus major currencies like BNB and Cardano who posted massive gains last week. Of note,...

Bitcoin Price Prints New High above $52.5k, Will BTC/USD reach $100k?

The Bitcoin price is steady at the time of writing on Feb 19. The world's most valuable digital asset is now trading above $51k,...

Ethereum Price Trending Lower, will ETH/USD Race to $2k?

The Ethereum price ranges with caps at $1.7k on the lower end and $1.85k on the upper zone. Although bullish, the inability of prices...
Ripple Price Analysis - XRP Stabilizes above $0.25, will Coinbase Delist the coin?

Ripple Price adds 39%, Will XRP/USD Pullback to $0.45?

The Ripple price has successfully managed to shake-off December 2020 drawdown--if the daily chart's price action guides. As of writing on Feb 15, the XRP...
btc price

Bitcoin Price adds 25%, BTC/USD Bulls Targeting $62k

The Bitcoin price leads the performance chart, steady above $46k after a recoiling on the last few days. Behind this surge is news of...

Ethereum Price Firm, adds 22% as ETH/USD Bulls Target $2.1k

The Ethereum price is, like Bitcoin, charting a new path, rising to an all-time high above $1.8k. A feat, Ethereans are optimistic, forecasting loftier price...

Ripple’s Q4 2020 A Success, will XRP/USD Overcome Bears and Break $0.50?

Even with the SEC stripping over $15 billion of value from the digital asset, the Ripple price is still up a decent 51 percent...

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