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cryptocurrency price analysisCrypto Economy section, we will publish every week the technical price analysis of Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and other cryptocurrencies.

These analyzes are prepared by our specialists based on the evolution of the markets.

A technical price analysis provides excellent and useful information that can help us know when is the best time to make movements in our investments or when it is not a good time to operate.

But we must not only take this information into account, the monitoring of the prices of a cryptocurrency must be accompanied by an investigation into the latest news related to it.

So we can get an idea about whether the price increase or decrease has occurred due to an event related to the project or if it could be a market manipulation, etc.

Ripple [XRP]

Ripple cool-off dropping 6%, will XRP Bulls Hold above $1

Ripple prices are cooling off at the time of writing. While this is the case, the uptrend is valid, and buyers have the upper...
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Adds 10%, BTC Primed for A Possible Surge Above $60k?

Bitcoin is no doubt one of the top performers reading from price action in the daily chart. By adding double-digit gains in the last seven...

Ethereum Bulls Slowing down, Will ETH Blast Past $3.7k?

Ethereum price uptrend seems to be stalling at the time of writing. Admittedly, the crypto scene is bubbly, apparently shifting sight on Bitcoin that...

Bitcoin Rallies 22%, Will The SEC Approve A Bitcoin ETF Sending Prices To Over...

The Bitcoin price is steady at the time of writing, trading at around H2 2021 highs. Reading from price performance in the daily chart,...

Ethereum adds 19% week-to-date, ETH Bulls Aim For $3.7k

Ethereum is slowly grinding higher, much to the excitement of the broader crypto trading community. There are signs of strength reading from price action...
Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis

Ripple adds 7% as bulls reverse Late September Losses, XRP Heading Back to $1.40?

Ripple bulls are buoyant. Adding seven percent week-to-date, traders are bullish, expecting another leg up rewinding losses of the second half of September. The trend...

Bitcoin Bouncing Back, will Resurgent BTC Bulls Overcome $45k?

Bitcoin prices and upside prospects were questionable just a few days ago. Then, there were fissures on Bitcoin price action threatening to cave in...

Ethereum Traders Cautious, will ETH Prices Hold Above $2.8k?

Ethereum is wavy, in sync with the rest of the crypto market that's on the verge of breaking under the weight of sellers. At the...
xrp price

Ripple adds 5% as XRP Bulls Absorb Selling Pressure above $0.85

Ripple prices are in a range at the time of writing. Down three percent week-to-date, the path of least resistance remains southwards. Sellers are...
btc price

Bitcoin Recovers, but will BTC Bulls Pump Prices to $50k?

Bitcoin prices have been both hot and cold. The freeze of September 20 was countered by the warmth of September 22, which offered a...

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