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cryptocurrency price analysisCrypto Economy section, we will publish every week the technical price analysis of Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and other cryptocurrencies.

These analyzes are prepared by our specialists based on the evolution of the markets.

A technical price analysis provides excellent and useful information that can help us know when is the best time to make movements in our investments or when it is not a good time to operate.

But we must not only take this information into account, the monitoring of the prices of a cryptocurrency must be accompanied by an investigation into the latest news related to it.

So we can get an idea about whether the price increase or decrease has occurred due to an event related to the project or if it could be a market manipulation, etc.


Ethereum Price soars 32% amid rising Gas Fees, will ETH/USD Reach $5.5k?

The Ethereum price is one of the top-performing digital assets in the top 10, consistently pipping Bitcoin and other coins. ETH/USD is remarkably stable above...
Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis: Pull Back, Uptrend Is Firm and Bulls Likely to Hit 30 Cents

Ripple Price Consolidates, is an XRP/USD Lift-off to $2.80 incoming?

The Ripple price is stable. While the SEC brought in a settlement negotiator, the Ripple—a blockchain company seeking to disrupt remittance—tapped the services of...
btc price

Bitcoin Price stabilizes in a $7k Zone, Will BTC/USD motor Above $60k?

Some analysts have described the Bitcoin price as a "coiled spring." It is given the asset's inability to crawl out of the $10k zone...
price analysis eth

Ethereum Parabolic Expansion, ETH/USD Bulls Now Target $4.2k

The Ethereum price is firmer than Bitcoin if gains of the last few weeks guide. While BTC struggles below $60k, the ETH/USD price is...

Ripple Price snaps back to trend, XRP adds 48% as Bulls Target $2.5

The Ripple price is trading at over $1.60, adding 48 percent week-to-date, outperforming BTC and ETH. Technical candlestick arrangements strongly favor buyers. Two weeks ago,...
Bitcoin Price Reverse from $30k, Whitepaper Now Hosted by a US Government Site

Bitcoin Flatlining, BTC/USD Finds Balance above $50k

The Bitcoin price remains in consolidation below $60k, struggling to overcome resistance at $55k. As of writing, Bitcoin is trending lower versus ETH and the...
Ethereum Price Rally to a new 2-year High, Will ETH bulls Push Price to $940?

Ethereum Price Reverse Losses, ETH/USD bulls Angling $3.2k

After a "HODLer Test" of last week, Ethereum bulls are back in the picture, shaking off bears and angling to break to new all-time...

Ripple Price Drops 10%, will XRP/USD Find Support at $0.80?

The Ripple—SEC court drama continued last week amid a market-wide correction that saw XRP prices plunge, pulling back the coin to parity with the...
Bitcoin Price Falls 22%, BTC/USD Craters Below $50k

Price analysis: Bitcoin Price Falls 22%, BTC/USD Craters Below $50k

It is a sea of red for Bitcoin. In a low-level description of the current state of matters: Bitcoin is struggling. And there are several...
Ethereum Price Finds Support at $2.1k after Dropping 15%

Ethereum Price Finds Support at $2.1k after Dropping 15%

After deep losses on Apr 18, the Ethereum price is stable, bouncing from $2k to spot rates, paring losses in the process. Technically, the uptrend...

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