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Currently, cryptocurrencies are usually seen as a form of investment, and most people who are interested in them use them as a means to obtain a short or long term benefit, forgetting that what really matters is the project that exists behind the currency and what it can contribute to the world.

From Crypto-Economy, we want to give visibility to these projects that, in our opinion, have a value to offer to the community regardless of the evolution of its price that generally does not indicate the real development that supports the project.

For this reason, each month we will select a relevant project called “The Crypto of the Month”, an initiative where besides offering information, news, guides or tutorials, we will dedicate our monthly contest to this project, distributing the prizes in their currency.


Grin is a recently created project, based on the blockchain technology of the MimbleWimble protocol, which focuses its functionality on privacy, being scalable and not showing addresses or quantities in its blockchain, in addition to other features that increase anonymity.

Privacy in these times is undoubtedly something that worries many investors and bitcoiners, who see every day as banks, central banks and large corporations take advantage of a system created by and for them with the complicity of governments with interests that legislate in their favor and against individual interests. That is why the need arises for secure, private and scalable protocols, such as the MimbleWimble protocol, which together with the rest of the cryptocurrencies, bring us closer to a paradigm shift, democratizing the issue of money/debt and eliminating the power that has so far they boasted exclusively the central banks in turn formed by private banks such as the Federal Reserve System or the European Central Bank.

If you want to know more about the Grin project, you can consult the following link:


The Crypto of the Month: Grin – Crypto Economy Giveaway – 100 GRIN in prizes!

In this contest, 100 GRIN will be distributed among 5 winners, these prizes will be divided as follows:


  • First Prize 50 GRIN
  • Second Prize 20 GRIN
  • Third Prize 10 GRIN
  • Fourth Prize 10 GRIN
  • Fifth Prize 10 GRIN

Terms and conditions of the contest:

The contest will be carried out through the Gleam platform, where we will propose a series of actions (click on like, retweet, visit a page, etc.), which will be assigned tickets to the participants, once the contest is over, the application will make a random selection of tickets from which the winners will be chosen, so that the more tickets have been obtained the greater the chance of winning one of the prizes.

The period of participation in the contest will begin on March 4 and ends on March 31.

The winners will be announced on the following networks:

Previous competitions:

Disclaimer: The section “The Crypto of the month” should not be used as an investment advice, since the projects promoted in it are based exclusively on the criteria of the Crypto-Economy team, we are not responsible for the use that is made of the information shared.


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