DUNE Analytics: the Collaborative blockchain analysis platform review

DUNE Analytics: the Collaborative blockchain analysis platform review
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Dive into the fascinating universe of cryptocurrencies with Dune Analytics, a revolutionary data analytics platform. Wondering how NFT projects or DeFi applications behave in the vast blockchain ecosystem? Dune Analytics is the key to unlocking these mysteries. From Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain, this tool provides detailed insights into various crypto projects.

On this journey, you will discover how it works, from creating visual Dashboards to using SQL queries to customize your own indicators. Join us to explore this dynamic space, where data democratization and community collaboration merge to deliver unprecedented crypto analytics. Welcome to Dune Analytics, your gateway to the decentralized financial future!

What is Dune Analytics?

What is Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is an open source data analytics platform in the cryptocurrency space. It aims to provide detailed insights into the entire ecosystem that makes up the crypto world: from NFT projects to DeFi applications. The platform tracks and analyzes data from various networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Gnosis Chain and Solana, among others.

The tool seeks to democratize access to Web3 data, allowing investors and analysts to track trends in real time. It offers a wide range of metrics, from active directions to more complex indicators such as SOPR and NUPL.

In addition, Dune Analytics has its own educational section, which helps novices discover and learn about the metrics analyzed on the platform by providing free educational resources for the community.

This platform makes it easy for professionals and new users to analyze blockchain data, offering information dashboards on various blockchains and specific data on protocols, tokens or NFTs. At its origins, it has raised significant funding, reaching “unicorn” status, and offers different membership plans with additional tools for users and creators, encouraging project funding in development.

How does Dune Analytics work?

How does Dune Analytics work

Dune Analytics is a platform that is characterized by being practical and intuitive. The application offers two main options: discover dashboards created by other users or create custom dashboards. The “Discover” section presents dashboards sorted by trend, and users can search for them according to specific keywords or filters.

Within each dashboard, users find indicators related to specific topics, and are encouraged to compare different dashboards that offer information on the same protocol or blockchain. The “Queries” section contains queries created by Dune’s “Wizards”, which serve as the basis for forming indicators. Users, as analysts, can copy and modify these queries to tailor the indicators to their needs.

This creates a completely unique collaborative ecosystem in which users help each other, creating a community that encourages participation and shares results and analysis.

On the other hand, Dune Analytics collects data on the node provider chain, providing unprocessed and unedited information from the blockchain. Users can generate their own tables, and Dune displays data from various chains. The platform allows users to work with raw or decoded data using SQL queries and provides access to raw data from various chains.

To create customized dashboards, users can use the “New Dashboard” function and add indicators according to their preferences. Dune Analytics provides information on ERC-20 token prices, NFT trades, DEX trades, among others. The platform is free and open to the public, and users can opt for membership plans such as Dune Pro to access additional features for a monthly fee.

In detail: how to use the dune analytics tools?

Dune analytics tools

As we have mentioned, Dune has several sections and tools that are essential to know in order to get the most out of the platform. Let’s take a look at each of them:


Essentially, Dune Dashboards is a customizable space where data and insights from the chain are organized and displayed in the form of widgets. It is easy to use and allows you to easily manipulate and organize them, with features such as scheduling updates and options to share publicly or with specific users or teams. Whether exploring existing dashboards or creating your own, Dune’s Dashboard is a versatile tool for interacting with blockchain data in a visual and accessible way.

They consist of widgets, either visual or text, and can be freely resized and arranged. To create a dashboard, one must use the “New Dashboard” option, assign it a name and access the edit mode to add widgets. Widgets can be added from the query editor, and text widgets support Markdown, which allows you to embed images or GIFs. Remember that the initial name you give the panel becomes the URL, and you can schedule update intervals to keep it up to date.


Queries in Dune Analytics are SQL queries that users, even those with free accounts, can create by selecting the “New Query” option. This process involves choosing the database, which can be Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, Optimism OBM 1.0, Optimism OVM 2.0, BNB Smart Chain or Dune Engine V2, and then building the query.

In the Queries menu, users find queries created by Wizards, which serve as the basis for forming indicators. As analysts, users can copy and modify these queries to adapt the indicators according to their needs. Creating or modifying queries requires some programming knowledge. But don’t worry, some creators include notes with instructions to facilitate this process.


To conclude, and after having conducted a complete review, we can affirm that Dune Analytics emerges as an interesting crypto data analysis platform. It seeks to democratize access to Web3 data and offers a wide range of metrics, from active addresses to complex indicators.

Its educational section and collaborative community reinforce its position as a valuable resource for investors and analysts. Dashboards functionality allows users to visually explore, create and share blockchain data, while Queries, SQL queries, facilitate the creation of custom indicators. Overall, Dune Analytics presents itself as a comprehensive and accessible tool for understanding and analyzing the crypto ecosystem.


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