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Crypto Economy is an independent multilingual platform dedicated to Bitcoin, blockchain and the vast world of cryptocurrencies, in which we share and analyze the latest news about existing and future projects in the sector.

Our platform not only provides information but also gives added value to users in the form of useful applications on the site. Such as our exclusive mining profitability calculator, a quotes section of the main cryptocurrencies updated in real time, or our list of ICOs with a useful countdown set to be informed about the relevant dates of each phase of the projects. We continue working on new and interesting tools to offer attractive and valuable content to our readers.

We are a team with true enthusiasm for Bitcoin including all other related projects and are sure of the benefits that the adoption of Blockchain technology can provide. With over 8 years of experience in the sector, passionate in our purpose to raise awareness about the existence of Bitcoin and, therefore, the entire ecosystem that comprises cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Economy Team


Alfonso Martínez ( Chief Operating Officer )

Crypto enthusiast since 2015, lover of blockchain technology, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and everything that surrounds this incredible sector. He joined the Crypto Economy team in 2018 as a content editor specializing in SEO. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the team.

Maximiliano López ( Chief Editor )

Maximiliano has a university degree in Business Administration and has worked in different media on finance, investments and economics. But his specialty has always been cryptocurrencies, a sector in which he has been working for several years and of which he is an enthusiast.


jesus tiano

Jesus Tiano ( Community Manager)

Jesus, our dedicated Community Manager at Crypto Economy. With a passion for blockchain and a knack for fostering engaging online communities, Jesus ensures our audience stays informed and connected. His commitment to transparency and open dialogue reflects our commitment to delivering trustworthy cryptocurrency news.

José Gutiérrez ( Crypto Journalist )

José Gutiérrez, a seasoned writer with over six years of experience, is a passionate advocate for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is convinced that these technologies will play a significant role in our future. Currently, José dedicates his time to producing news stories and conducting in-depth analyses of various crypto projects, as well as performing technical analyses of different cryptocurrencies.



Guido Battigelli ( Crypto Journalist )

Guido Battigelli, 26-year-old Argentinian and Crypto enthusiast, I am studying Communication Planning at UNLP. In addition, I am a Full Stack Web Programmer, trained at Egg Cooperation. I enjoy reading and writing about various topics, music and I am also an avid consumer of anything related to astronomy, but what I am most passionate about is the Crypto ecosystem and everything that surrounds it, remember “Not Your Keys, Not Your “Crypto”

Fernando Zelaschi ( Crypto Journalist )

Fernando Zelaschi, born in Argentina. Dedicated to multimedia design, he studied at the FBA of the UNLP (Lic. Audiovisual Arts) and for more than 10 years he has created digital content for various areas including journalism, technologies and blockchain, finance and technical analysis among others.


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