Aeternity, Matic Network and Harmony team up with an Indian blockchain accelerator to power startups

Aeternity, Matic Network and Harmony team up with an Indian blockchain accelerator to power startups
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Telangana Blockchain District in India is one of the major startup hubs in the country missioned to invest and grow a startup in the blockchain industry. The T-Block accelerator in the district decided to attract more support from industry actors.

Matic Network, Harmony and Aeternity Blockchain are the new partners of the accelerator committed to supporting startups in Telangana, as reported by the local news outlet.

The partnership between blockchain companies and T-Block accelerator focuses on providing go-to-market and technology implementation to startups. Besides, some of the accepted startups in the accelerator will get access to those teams and projects.

Telangana government organizes T-Block accelerator in partnership with Tech Mahindra. IBC Media is responsible for running and managing the accelerator. The fundamental goal of T-Block is to support startups with blockchain use-case that can help grow the ecosystem in Telangana Blockchain District.

Each of the new partners of T-Block will provide specific tools and platforms for startups. Matic Network, an Indian public blockchain network, provides the underlying platform needed for making a decentralized application.

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Aeternity is responsible for delivering smart contracts tools. And the ability to transact digital assets for startup teams will be provided by Harmony Protocol. The startups in boot camps of T-Block will use the tools and services of new partners to build their products and get support to launch products in the European market. Besides, the partners will provide financial support for some of the teams, too.

Aeternity believes in the potentials of the Indian market for the blockchain ecosystem. Their partnership with an accelerator in the district means they are looking for growing the community in the niche market.

“India has a booming blockchain ecosystem, and we are happy to be a part of this growth story. Having concluded the first edition of Starfleet India Accelerator recently, we are excited to join this initiative by the Telangana government and Tech M for T-Block and look forward to supporting the startups with our GMT access in the European countries,” said Nikola Stojanow, CEO of AE Ventures and CBO of Aeternity.

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