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Aeternity [AE] launches the first phase of token migration

Aeternity has finally announced the beginning of the long awaited token migration enabling all interested parties to transfer any AE within their possession onto the blockchain’s Genesis block. Aeternity’s migration to the mainnet is a four-step process spanning from November, 2018 to September 2019.

The current phase, which is the first phase/phase 0, spans from today on 16/11/2018 to 25/11/2018 at exaclry 23:59:59. According to an official post on aeternity.com, the process of migration will be done through the migration webpage holding all the necessary intructions.

Users should follow the instructions on the token migration web page. It is highly recommended to read the FAQ and watch the guide videos they have prepared before starting the migration process.

Beyond the first phase, the process will proceed with the second phase (Phase 1) which is expected to wind up by February, 2019. Phase 2 is predicted to wind up by May 2019 followed by the last phase (Phase 3) which will mark the end of the transferability of Ethereum AE tokens.

To aid the migration process, Users have been furnished with English video guides with subtitles in the Russian, Spanish and Chinese languages. Additionally, a forum has also been created to aid various users in the transfer process. Alternatively, users can also fill an online form for more individualised assistance. It is also important to note that beyond the 2nd of September next year, users will still retain the ability to transfer their tokens provided that they don’t utilise smart contracts.

With the mainnet’s launch, Aertenity will have 2 more stages to reach the end of its long term roadmap. The roadmap is a 9 stage process starting from the Aeternity’s launch in the first quarter of 2017. The past 6 stages have seen the project successfully completing its backing campaign, finishing its core developement stage, launching aepps and conducting a security audit. The next two steps will involve an airdrop event and finish with an aeternity developers conference.

On the markets, the Aeternity token (Aeon, AE) is currently trading at $0.85 USD with corresponding a 24 hour volume and marketcap of $5.8 million and $201.79 million respectively. The token has a total supply of about 273 million of which an estimated 233 million are in circulation.

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