De.Fi Review: the best Web3 security platform

De.Fi Review: the best Web3 security platform
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In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance, investors and traders need a way to guide and protect themselves against potential malicious projects. De.Fi stands as a powerful support tool that offers users an in-depth analysis focused on security in decentralized finance.

If you want to safely navigate through the complexities of over 65,000 smart contracts and 400 protocols on over 43 different networks, this article is what you need to learn how to use this platform. From its innovative smart contract scanner to its robust investment and wallet monitoring tools, De.Fi is a reliable partner in the exciting journey through the universe of decentralized finance.

Read on to discover how this revolutionary tool can help you explore, analyze and stay in control in the ever-changing cryptocurrency market!

What is De.Fi?

What is De.Fi

De.Fi stands out as an essential tool whose main function lies in the bold exploration of smart contracts, giving users the ability to obtain crucial information from various DeFi platforms.

Through thorough scanning, users can detect potential vulnerabilities, from re-entry attacks to risk-prone withdrawal functions. De.Fi also gives each smart contract a weighted security score, based on a variety of criteria.

But De.Fi’s magic doesn’t end at smart contract scanning. The platform offers a comprehensive dashboard that automatically monitors users’ wallet and transactions. This allows them to filter and sort their balances and movements to keep an accurate track of their financial activities.

In addition, De.Fi provides powerful investment tools, helping users to analyze the vast cryptocurrency market, explore performance opportunities and maintain solid control over their positions in various DeFi protocols, NFT collections and lending markets.

In an ever-changing cryptocurrency market, De.Fi provides a complete solution that allows users to securely interact with DeFi platforms and maintain firm control over their investments. Through its monitoring of thousands of smart contracts and protocols across multiple networks, De.Fi is positioned as one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency monitoring platforms at your disposal.

De.Fi Dashboard

The De.Fi dashboard plays a central role in the platform’s ecosystem. It serves as an efficient cross-chain asset management solution, offering a wide range of valuable features. What sets it apart is its integrated security infrastructure, which keeps users well informed about the risks associated with their various assets and positions, while providing guidance on how to manage them.

The Panel’s available Tools include:

Address Book

This feature allows users to easily switch between tracking multiple wallets. It offers convenience when connecting new wallets, adding additional wallets or managing existing wallets.

Wallet Balance

Users can quickly review the tokens they have in their wallets on the various supported blockchains. This includes assets in their wallets that are not currently staked, deposited or involved in interactions with DeFi protocols.

Deposited Balances

For those who have deposited liquidity or staked assets anywhere, this page provides detailed information about their balances, including pending staking rewards. It covers deposits in numerous supported dApps and native staking, such as staking ETH on Ethereum or AVAX on Avalanche.

Loaned Balances

Users participating in token lending can access full information about the amounts they have lent and borrowed. This includes the APRs associated with these interactions on supported platforms, along with any outstanding incentive rewards.

NFT Portfolio

Users’ NFT portfolios, regardless of the chain they are in, can be easily explored through De.Fi. Information such as market value, recent sales, minimum prices and collection details are readily available for popular collections and tradable tokens.

Explore New Opportunities

The Dashboard provides a useful page for users who are unsure about where to deposit their funds. It guides them to pools, vaults, loan markets or other promising DeFi opportunities for their assets.

De.Fi Security Tools

De.Fi Security Tools

De.Fi Shield

The De.Fi Shield is an essential tool to ensure the security of assets in a wallet. If you have ever wondered whether a certain contract is secure or not, you will understand why this tool is so important.

In short, it performs a systematic scan of the smart contracts you have interacted with, the token contracts you own, and the approvals granted to third-party contracts on supported blockchains.

In doing so, it provides approval checks, flagging pending approvals granted to contracts with potential vulnerabilities. In addition, it highlights the risks of tokens in the wallet and allows them to be traded securely. It is also responsible for verifying the security of NFTs and offers an advanced mode that allows addressing critical, high-, medium- and low-risk issues, along with informational issues. This feature is highly customizable and facilitates the management of new tokens.

De.Fi Scanner

De.Fi Scanner is a very interesting tool for performing comprehensive smart contract analysis on supported blockchains. It ensures that the contracts you plan to interact with are secure, avoiding having to rely on often misleading audits that often lack adequate coverage.

The Scanner offers comprehensive coverage of vulnerabilities, including reentry attacks, unverified transfers and other dangers, as well as providing a simple and quick security score to assess the risk of each contract, so the user does not need to be an expert in blockchain technology.

De.Fi Transaction Tools


In addition to having tools focused on security and monitoring potential threats to DeFi users, the platform has some features that help those looking to transact securely. Although they are very basic, they are worth knowing.

Send Cryptocurrencies

It allows users to send tokens and cryptocurrencies through the De.Fi platform. For that, it is necessary to first connect a wallet; or enter a valid address or domain.

It is worth mentioning that you must have the address of the wallet to which you want to send. Therefore, if you are thinking of using this function, it is advisable to verify the receiver’s data first.

De.Fi Swap

De.Fi has developed its own tool for cryptocurrency exchange. The trade can be made on the Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Optimism or Polygon blockchains.

The process is extremely simple as it only takes a couple of clicks to select the desired network and cryptocurrency. In addition, it is possible to configure what is known as “Slippage tolerance“, which allows you to have a transfer reversed if the price of a token changes unfavorably by a certain percentage.

Why Should You Use De.Fi?

In the realm of decentralized finance, where innovation and risk go hand in hand, security is paramount. stands out as an essential tool for investors and traders looking for protection in this ecosystem. With in-depth real-time analytics and historical data, De.Fi provides reliable guidance in a world where tens of thousands of smart contracts and hundreds of protocols on multiple different networks can be dangerous terrain.

At the heart of De.Fi is its innovative smart contract scanner, which allows users to assess the security of any contract before interacting with it. It detects potential vulnerabilities, from re-entry attacks to risky withdrawal functions. In addition, De.Fi gives a weighted security score to each contract. This tool is essential for those looking to explore, analyze and maintain control in the volatile cryptocurrency market, ensuring that their assets are safeguarded from potential threats.

In addition to its smart contract scanner, De.Fi offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to monitor their portfolio and transactions automatically. With powerful investment tools and De.Fi’s support, users can explore the cryptocurrency market and maintain solid control over their positions in various DeFi protocols, NFT collections and lending markets.


Having thoroughly analyzed the De.Fi platform, we found an absolutely necessary ally for those looking to protect themselves while trading cryptocurrencies.

It is clear that hacks and malicious contracts have been a growing threat in the decentralized finance market. Therefore, today more than ever it is imperative for investors, whether novice or expert, to use tools like De.Fi to reduce risk when trading.

With its multiple analysis functions, De.Fi has established itself as one of the best alternatives in the market to meet this objective.


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