Learn How to Create NFT Domain Names

Learn how to create NFT domain names
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The process of creating an NFT domain name is very easy, often cheaper than traditional domains, and offers more benefits.

Each address or URL that a user types into their browser corresponds to an IP address that represents a server or destination on the internet. DNS is managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and is operated by a federation of registrars and DNS servers that is highly distributed but completely centralized.

A traditional domain name can only be bought or created through ICANN-approved registrars. Many users are able to use this system because their browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Brave, etc.) are automatically configured to use this system. 

Basically, domain platforms are made up of systems that allow systems to share information (like websites) and systems that allow users to search (like browsers). 

NFT Domain

It’s unlikely that a centralized system will suit developers building decentralized apps (dApps). This is where NFT domains come to action.

ENS and Unstoppable Domains are the most popular options for developers looking for a decentralized alternative. They use blockchains and NFTs for domain management.

NFT-based domains have a lot of benefits. Rather than renting domain names, they let you buy them and not just rent them. You can manage them via smart contracts. Domain names can be sold or transferred without a central authority.

What is an NFT domain name?

The NFT domain is a decentralized domain that runs on a public Blockchain and is a smart contract. Besides having new extensions, like .nft and .crypto, they’re also listed on blockchains like Polygon and Ethereum.

Basically, these domains are hosted in a crypto wallet by their owners, and once they’re registered, that wallet owner is the only one that can use the domain. Most NFT domains don’t come with monthly or annual fees, so you just register one, and you own it forever. You can really own a domain if you’re an NFT Domain owner since it’s decentralized. Also, if you have your own domain extension, you’re the complete owner of it.

NFT Domain

What is an NFT Domain for?

Content creators can take back control of their digital identities with an NFT domain. You can put your digital content on a decentralized web instead of relying on social media platforms. 

For content creators, that means they’re the only ones who can change or take down their content, and centralized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter aren’t able to do it either. 

Additionally, creators can own their data and analytics when they host their content on NFT. Tech companies could charge them for access to that data instead of seeing it as a product. 

You might see companies switch from traditional domains to NFT ones too. Many business problems can be mitigated with NFT domains, such as the domain company reclaiming it, being bound to the terms and conditions of a platform, or paying recurring hosting fees.

NFT Domain

In digital communities and forums, NFT domains can reinvent how people interact with each other. Community forums could benefit from having free and inclusive conversations without having to rely on a centralized service or worry about censorship. 

By digitizing their art, artists can gain more exposure and set themselves apart from other artists. Artists can sell, auction, and display their stuff on an NFT domain. Furthermore, artists can get paid through their NFT domain, making the process seamless for both the seller and buyer.

Create an NFT Domain

The process of creating an NFT domain isn’t that hard, and there are lots of services that provide these domains. People are buying more and more NFT domains, so finding a good one is getting harder. Here’s how to get an NFT domain on the most popular platforms.

Where to create them?

Several services offer NFT domains, as mentioned above. You can pay with cryptocurrencies, of course. The two most famous NFT domain providers are ENS Domains and Unstoppable Domains. Different domain names are available like .eth, .crypto, .dao, .nft, and so on.


With good reason, Ethereum Name Service is one of the hottest projects on Ethereum right now. ENS uses simple, human-readable names to address resources on and off the blockchain in a secure, decentralized way.

How to create an NFT domain in ens.domains?

MetaMask is one of the many wallets you can use. To register a domain, you’ll need at least $50 in Ethereum. 

Names with five characters and longer cost $5 per year. Names with four characters cost $160/year, and names with three characters cost $640/year. You pay in ETH. 

  1. Go to https://app.ens.domains/ to reach ENS Manager
  2. See if you can find [your_desired_name].eth. If the name isn’t available, you’ll see a horizontal gray bar left by the .eth name. If you click on it, you’ll get information on the registered ENS records. .eth names with available names will have a vertical green bar.
  3. Choose the period you want to own the name for (a minimum of one year). Your rental payment is the rent multiplied by a year. The registration period can be extended at any point in time.
  4. Click “Request to Register” to get started. MetaMask will pop up a box for you to select your preferred gas fee. We recommend leaving it at the default settings (Average). Confirm the transaction by clicking “Confirm.” Just wait for the registration to go through. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a green bar showing you how far along you are. As soon as you reach the end of the waiting time, there will be a line of orange text telling you to “Click register to move to the 3rd step”.
  5. Go ahead and click “Register.” When it’s approved, your ENS is registered.


UD, or Unstoppable Domains, is a blockchain-based domain solution for multiple purposes. As a Web3 user, you can use your domain name as your username, a decentralized website URL, and send crypto over various blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, and Polygon.

Unstoppable Domains gives you total control over your domains, unlike traditional web hosts. Unstoppable Domains lets you buy crypto domains, so you own them forever, not just rent them. Using Unstoppable Domains does not require you to transfer, update, or link your domain to other services. Over 50 wallets, exchanges, and dApps support Unstoppable Domains, like Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and OpenSea.

How to create an NFT domain in Unstoppabledomains?

To find out what kind of domain names are still up for grabs, go to Unstoppable Domains and use the search bar!

Check out some of the domain variants, all in different price ranges. In terms of cryptocurrencies, the domain will not affect your ability to receive and send them – it’s connected to more than 200.

Register for a free account after selecting your domain and adding it to your cart. Once you have completed the purchase, you have your own domain!

You will need your wallet in order to connect the domain to your account. You can open Unstoppable Domains within the wallet if you’re using a mobile device. Choose ‘Add Wallet’ under Account Settings in the menu. Choose Metamask or your favorite wallet!

You’ll need to claim your domain after you sign the transaction. Just click the Claim button under ‘My Domains.’ You’ll have to wait 10-20 minutes to claim it. Then go to ‘My domains’ again and click ‘Manage.’ All you have to do is paste in all the account names and addresses you want the NFT domain to connect to.


The latest blockchain product is NFT domains, which have the power to change the internet as we know it. An NFT domain is a domain that lives on a public blockchain, so users own the data. One of the main benefits of owning one is you can replace wallet addresses with domain names and make it easy to host websites on the web.


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