Satoshi Nakamoto, Who is the creator of Bitcoin?

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Satoshi Nakamoto is the alias used by the creator of bitcoin. His true identity is mostly unknown, his anonymity is one of the great mysteries that surrounds this cryptocurrency.

It is speculated if it is a person, several or a group of companies, but only a few people know who is actually the author and creator of bitcoin.

On some occasion, it has been rumored about whether he may have died or even people wanting to attribute the authorship of the creation of bitcoin, as happened in May 2016 when Craig Wright said he was satoshi nakamoto and he announced it in an exclusive interview on the BBC:

“I was the main part of it (Bitcoin) but other people helped me”

One year later, Craig Wright himself retracted his words because of the pressure to which he was subjected and did not want to give further evidence of whether or not he was the creator of Bitcoin. After these statements there were also many doubts about whether he really was or not satoshi nakamoto.

“I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But, as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage.”

The only known data (which may or may not be true) are those extracted from Nakamoto’s profile in the P2P foundation.


In the attempt to discover the true identity of satoshi several names have been shuffled, as for example Nick Szabo or Hal Finney both prominent cryptographers, although none has been verified.

When it comes to imagine about the name, the most imaginative were not lacking, and have found at the beginning of the name of big companies the answer to the biggest question: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Samsung – Toshiba – Nakamichi – Motorola

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Collaborators in the creation of Bitcoin

Satoshi did not create bitcoin alone, he was helped by several people, the names of some of those people have been made public, among which we can highlight:

  • Gavin Andresen: A Software Developer, who was in charge of developing a part of the bitcoin digital currency project.
  • Martti Malmi: It is said that Martti was Nakamoto’s first collaborator, who disassociated himself from the project in 2011, since according to his statements:

“I felt like bitcoin had already gone from zero to one, so to say. It was already up and running with a growing community and had lots of great developers working on it”

  • Jeff Garzik: One of the Bitcoin Core developers.
  • Greg Maxwell: Also participated in the development of Bitcoin Core
  • Laszlo Haynecz: Was one of the developers who worked on the Bitcoin project from the beginning, although he is best known for being the author of the first purchase with this cryptocurrency, with which he bought a pizza for 10,000 BTC.

Laszlo recently made some statements talking about the Bitcoin project and his relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto.

“I thought bitcoin was awesome, and I wanted to be involved, but I had a regular developing job… Nakamoto would send me emails like ‘Hey, can you fix this bug?’ ‘Hey, can you do this?’” , commented Laszlo.

About Satoshi he said that his communications with him were sometimes quite strange, that he was a rather peculiar and somewhat paranoid type.

  • Wladimir J. van der Laan: Developer in the Bitcoin Core project

There are many other people who collaborate or have collaborated in the Bitcoin Project, you can see a more complete list in this BitcoinWiki link.

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