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The Crypto of the Month + Giveaway: NIX [NIX]

This August, the project on which we will go deeper into “The Crypto of the month” is NIX, the DEX administrator based on privacy.

NIX Platform adopts multiple privacy mechanisms, scaling solutions, privacy smart contract integration, sidechain utilities, and ease of use towards the end consumer specifically in speed and environment.

They say from their website.

This project works to return to the industry two of the main essences of cryptocurrencies, which are anonymity and decentralization. Another of its goals is that people from anywhere in the world can achieve economic, social and global independence.

Disclaimer: The “Crypto of the month” section should not be used as an investment advice, since the projects promoted in it are based exclusively on the criteria of the Crypto Economy team, we are not responsible for the use that is given to the shared information.

NIX: The Crypto of the Month (August 2019)

What is NIX?

NIX is ​​a next-generation privacy cryptocurrency that feeds decentralized applications focused on anonymity and smart contracts, offering the option of adding your privacy layer to any blockchain.

NIX implements (LPoS) on the latest Bitcoin Core protocol (current 0.17), this mechanism provides high security, energy efficiency and lower centralization risk. In addition, the NIX network uses its Ghost protocol with which they offer a higher layer of privacy.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are moving forward with a firm step, one of the problems they face is the lack of user integration, which directly affects adoption. NIX wants to create specific use cases so that users can benefit easily, quickly and safely.

NIX roadmap

According to the NIX roadmap, the next steps in its project are:


  • Sidechain Development and Research
  • Beta Launch  of Flare Wallet (DEX Manager)
  • Wallet with DEX Integrations
  • LPoS Wallet Hardware Support

More information about NIX



Thanks to the collaboration of the NIX community, the prize of this giveaway will be of a greater amount, we will distribute 3300 NIX distributed among 8 winners, these prizes will be divided as follows:

The Crypto of the Month: NIX – Crypto Economy Giveaway – 3,300 NIX in prizes!


  • First Prize 1,000 NIX
  • Second Prize 600 NIX
  • Third Prize 400 NIX
  • Fourth Prize 300 NIX
  • Fifth Prize 300 NIX
  • Sixth Prize 300 NIX
  • Seventh Prize 200 NIX
  • Eighth Prize 200 NIX

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

The contest will be held through the Gleam platform where we will propose a series of actions (click on like, retweet, visit a page …), which when doing them will be assigning tickets to the participants, once the contest is finished, the application will make a random selection of tickets from which the winners will be chosen, so the more tickets have been obtained, the greater the chance of winning one of the prizes.

The period of participation in the contest will begin on August 5 and end on August 31.

General rules

You can read the general rules of our contests at the following link: https://crypto-economy.com/contests-legal-rules/

Winners will be announced in the following networks:

  • https://www.facebook.com/CryptoEconomyES
  • https://www.facebook.com/cryptoeconomyEN
  • https://twitter.com/CryptoEconomyEN
  • https://twitter.com/crypto_economy

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