Crypto-Economy & BlockBoard Contest – 10,000 TRX in prizes

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A few months ago it was our anniversary and from Crypto Economy we wanted to celebrate with all of you making a contest, given the acceptance that it had among our readers we decided to launch a new contest during this month of February, this time with the collaboration of Blockboard, an indexer of news that we talked about recently in one of our articles.

In the contest, 10,000 TRX divided into 6 prizes will be distributed, the first winner will receive a prize of 4,000 TRX, the second winner of 2,000 TRX and four winners of 1,000 TRX.

Look carefully because there are some actions that can be repeated every 24 hours and that will make you add more tickets!!

Good luck to everyone!

Contest link

Crypto Economy & BlockBoard – 10,000 TRX in prizes!

Terms and conditions of the contest:

The mechanics of the contest will be the same as in the previous event, through Gleam we will propose a series of actions (click on like, retweet, visit a page …), which when doing them will be assigning tickets to the participants, once the contest is finished, the application will make a random selection of tickets from which the winners will be chosen, so that the more tickets that have been awarded, the greater the chance of winning one of the prizes.

The period of participation in the contest will begin on the 11th and end on the 28th of February.


  • 1st Winner 4,000 TRX
  • 2nd Winner 2,000 TRX
  • 3rd Winner 1,000 TRX
  • 4th Winner 1000 TRX
  • 5th Winner 1,000 TRX
  • 6th Winner 1,000 TRX

General Rules:

You can read the general bases of our contests in the following link:

The winners will be announced on the following networks:


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