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In this section we will talk about Dash: breaking news, news, Airdrops, Hardforks and everything that happens around this cryptocurrency.

Dash [DASH] is a cryptocurrency whose main premise is to become virtual cash. Its name Dash comes from a play on words with Digital Cash, this cryptocurrency is private and its transactions are instantaneous, so it is a strong competitor that remains in the top 20 cryptocoins with the highest capitalization.

Dash CEO exhort companies to enter the crypto industry "with caution"

Dash CEO exhort companies to enter the crypto industry “with caution”

The adoption of blockchain technology in several industrial and commercial sectors, whether big or small, have sparked all type of commentaries coming from more...
Dash is helping the situation of many Venezuelans

Dash is helping the situation of many Venezuelans

The dire economic, social and freedom situation that Venezuela is going through is already a Latin American regional problem that has ignited the concern...
Crypto-enthusiasts seek to massify the adoption of Dash in Venezuela

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts working on mass adoption of Dash in Venezuela

A group of Venezuelan entrepreneur committed themselves to make aware and convince their fellow countrymen about the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method...
ryan taylor hacked

Ryan Taylor – CEO of Dash Core Group – Hacked

Last Wednesday on May 9, the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor suffered a hack in his Twitter accounts, Linkedin and in the...

What is DASH?

DASH is an anonymous cryptocurrency that, like the BTC and most cryptographic currencies, works with a P2P protocol but has much more advanced features. Unlike...

Dash will Host its First World Conference

Dash announced that it will hold its first conference, the Dash Conference, scheduled for September 24 at the Oval Space in London, UK. The...

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