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cryptocurrency news crypto economyLatest news about Bitcoin [BTC] and Cryptocurrencies focused on their technology.

Blockchain is the new technology that is revolutionizing all sectors and markets: transport, communication, video games, Artificial Intelligence, online security and automotive.

This technology is expanding, updating and improving all thanks to blockchain technology.

In this section, our writing team deals with topics about blockchain and emerging new technologies related to cryptocurrencies.

The adoption of this technology is progressive and little by little it is integrated into our day to day, being increasingly common to find news related to it.

Dbrain artificial intelligence

Dbrain: Artificial Intelligence more accessible using blockchain

Artificial Intelligence is a resource whose daily application grows. The blockchain technology is a fertile field to drive the mass adoption of artificial intelligence...

More than security, FortKnoxter

The security of our online communications is a very serious matter to which, whether due to ignorance or carelessness, the vast majority of us...
Blockchain for vote Sierra Leona

Sierra Leone held world’s first blockchain-backed presidential election

Sierra Leone held its 6th presidential election on March 07 to vote for the successor of Incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma, as well as...
Loomia personal data transfer

LOOMIA: One step further in protection and exchange of personal data

One of the digital market niches that will grow the most is the personal data. Whether for marketing, research or political-administrative purposes, personal data...
Stellar y Keybase alliance

Stellar and Keybase join to facilitate payments in cryptocurrencies

Stellar and Keybase announced through a statement on March 8 that they are working together to make the world of cryptocurrencies easier and more...
Qarnot computing

QC-1, mining cryptocurrencies and heating your home is now possible

The world that surrounds the cryptocurrency does not stop growing and innovate and that is why we can find projects like QC-1, a miner...

Wibson: The users data market with blockchain security

The market of access to the data of the average users is beginning to see developments of solutions that can impact in the short...
SIKURPhone hack

SIKURPhone: the impregnable Smartphone for crypto-millionaires

The innovations in blockchain technology also mean the advent of tangible solutions such as smartphones. The Brazilian company Sikur launched its Smartphone called SIKURPhone...
Bitcoin electricity demand

Despite High Electricity Demand, Bitcoin Mining has No Alternative.

There has been complaints that the energy demand for Bitcoin mining is a concern for conservationists and some governments. Yet there seem to be...

Electroneum (ETN) visits the Mobile WorldWide Congress 2018

From Monday, February 26, until Thursday, March 1, we can enjoy in Barcelona the Mobile WorldWide Congress, an event where the latest developments in...