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Ethereum price

Following in Bitcoin’s steps? Ethereum has hit a new All Time High of $ 880

Although Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap (and by a significant margin of 41 bln dollars ahead ...


Stamp Monero: the adoption marketing of Monero

In this opportunity we will talk about Stamp Monero a marketing initiative that has advanced the community of Monero to ...

Man Stealing Ethereum

Man prosecuted after stealing $1.8 million in Ethereum

A man has been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping by the New York County District Attorney’s Office, allegedly for ...

Seized Bitcoin miners

Seized 21 Bitcoin miners found in a warehouse in Venezuela

A total of 21 Bitcoin miners were found and seized in a warehouse located in the city of Barquisimeto, in ...

Bitcoin doubles its capitalization reaching 20,000 $

As if the milestone it represented hitting the All-Time High of $ 10,000 wasn’t enough, Bitcoin has just reached another ...

Cryptokitties: Ethereum cats that have gone viral

Everyone knows that Internet is ruled by cats. Whether in video, memes, comments or a dedicated subreddit, felines have taken ...

Ethereum raises 750

Ethereum takes off as it hits $ 750 barrier

The altcoin Ethereum has just taken a ticket to upper price town as its USD/ETH exchange rate surpassed the $ ...

Waves to unveil major new platform update

In the culmination of 18 months of development, Waves is set to release the most powerful and user-friendly blockchain platform ...

Waves Deloitte ICO

Waves, with the support of leading market players, is founding a new self-regulatory body to set standards for ICOs

Waves Platform is creating a self-regulatory body that will provide reporting, legal, tax & accounting, KYC and business due diligence ...

Waves Platform TMT Investments

TMT Investments launches crypto fund for investment in blockchain startups, supported by Waves Platform

Together with a group of American investors, venture company TMT Investments is launching a $60 million crypto fund for investment ...

Latest Crypto News

Discover in our section the latest news about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and the so-called altcoins (alternative crypto).

Since 2011, thanks to the standard Bitcoin open source, new cryptocurrencies known as Altcoins are beginning to emerge, that use blockchain technology as an alternative to Bitcoin, complementing their ecosystem with new algorithms and functionalities.

Some of the best known altcoins are Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP], Tron [TRX] or Litecoin [LTC].

Today there are many exchange houses or crypto exchanges, where these cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a new investment market for financial assets that grows in volume and complexity every day.

Some of the best known cryptocurrency exchanges and where you can make your exchanges are: Binance, Poloniex, Kukoin, or Kraken, among others.