SushiSwap to Launch MISO; Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering

SushiSwap to Launch MISO; Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering
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SushiSwap introduced a new product named MISO that aims at encouraging projects to launch their tokens on the Sushi platform. The new product is the result of the previous vote in the SushiSwap community and is now ready to launch.

It can be considered as a token launchpad platform. MISO token launchpad will be ready for the public on May 17th with features and tools named after the primary kitchen theme of the SushiSwap community.

The Best of Both Worlds for Token Launches

DeFi platforms try their best to attract as many developers as possible to launch their projects. When new tokens and projects are launched on a platform, new users will come, and besides, current users will be attracted to invest or participate in the new ones. It creates a great opportunity for the DeFi platform to expand and show the capabilities of supporting innovative solutions. It’s the reason we see launchpads in many DeFi platforms that facilitate the token launching for new projects. SuhiSwap is the latest to introduce a launchpad. The new product is named MISO. The name stands for Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering.


SushiSwap is one of the most successful DeFi platforms in the market. The new MISO launchpad helps it expand services and find new users faster. MISO makes it easier for projects to launch tokens on SushiSwap and do all of the parts, including IDO or similar functions. 

Launchpads help both sides of a token launch have better experiences. Project owners can find supporters easier and faster. The supporters find a reliable trustful platform to invest in their preferred projects, and the combination creates an ecosystem for the supporting platform.

MISO provides the essential tools and features for token launchers. SushiSwap says MISO offers various preset smart contracts to project owners, and they can mix them to create their own products.

The preset smart contracts are called “ingredients” in MISO terminology. On the other side, project supporters can trust new projects better because all of the “ingredients” are open-source. Besides, supporters will have full access to the project’s disclosed information.

SushiSwap believes MISO can help both sides of project launching efficiently. As mentioned before, the new product is the result of a previous vote in the SushiSwap community, and according to the announcement:

“You voted for it, so we got to work, and over the last few months, we took the initial MISO proposal and tailored it to meet the expectations of the Sushi community that has grown to be the powerhouse that it is today. From its onset, the goal of MISO has stayed the same — a focus on encouraging projects to launch their tokens on Sushi.”

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