SushiSwap’s Announces New DEX Aggregator

Among the plans that SushiSwap has for the coming year, according to a recent post from its head chef, are the development of a decentralized exchange aggregator, a decentralized incubator, and several stealth projects that will take place behind the scenes.

Increasing the Market Share

On Medium, Jared Grey published a post in which he discussed the future plans of the company. Toward Sushi’s goal to become a market-leading DEX, we will implement a product stack that enhances our product offering & enables feature parity to provide a solid foundation to enable innovation, such as biased LP routes via the aggregation router & concentrated liquidity in Q1 of 2023.

In order to remain the community-driven DEX onboarding the next generation of crypto users, the Sushi team plans to provide valuable educational resources such as Sushi Academy. 

SushiSwap seeks to maintain the best elements of decentralization, including self-custody, equitable governance, and permissionless trading, and maintain them with their new platform. 

The concept of aggregate is one of the key concepts in SushiSwap’s concept of a target. As part of its efforts to enter the DEX aggregation business, Sushi built an aggregation router in stealth mode in 2022; the router will be introduced in the first quarter of ’23. 

By providing optimal pricing to the users, they believe that aggregation helps deliver the best possible user experience. As a result of this innovation, they are building deeper liquidity in our pools & allowing our LPs to take advantage of increased swap volumes & fees, leveraging the Trident framework across a number of different networks, as a result of the innovation. 

In the year 2023, the community will also be focusing on a target named Sushi Studios. In order to support ecosystem growth without burdening the DAO’s treasury, Sushi Studios is the brand’s decentralized incubator which will license the brand to launch independently-funded projects in order to support ecosystem growth. 

A few examples are Shoyu, the upcoming NFT marketplace scheduled to launch in Q1 and will feature creator-first features and utility, as well as Sushi’s perpetual DEX platform and several stealth products currently in development. 

It can be argued that Sushi’s horizontal product direction is the main historical obstacle to Sushi’s ambitions, as these products help to increase Sushi’s brand while not hindering the DAO’s core DEX focus.

According to Jared, Sushi is ideally positioned to reinvent itself and promote the best principles of crypto through improved product stacks & sustainable rewards to serve users within a market leader position such as financial sovereignty & autonomy around the globe. It is worth waiting and seeing if the community is able to regain its position within the ecosystem of DeFi by implementing these targets.