SushiSwap Expands Cross-Chain Functionality with Core Integration

SushiSwap Expands Cross-Chain Functionality with Core Integration
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The DeFi platform SushiSwap is gearing up to integrate with Core and use its consensus mechanism to provide DeFi services to its cross-chain functionality. Numerous people believe that integration is bound to increase the possibilities for developers when developing within the Core ecosystem. It is believed that the decentralized applications developed on the protocol would gain access to the liquidity pools of SushiSwap, cross-chain swaps as well as its DEX aggregator. The liquidity of the platform’s automated market maker is also bound to benefit the Core ecosystem.

The additional liquidity from the integration is expected to improve the functionality of additional DeFi protocols operating on Core. With the integration, SushiSwap has now joined the ranks of ArcherSwap, IceCreamSwap, and OpenEx as the major DeFi protocols operating on Core’s network. SushiSwap users are also bound to benefit from additional cross-chain functionality facilitated by the Core Protocol.

Core and Sushiswap Move Together

Developers from Core clearly highlighted the technical side of the Bitcoin-powered blockchain, which integrates both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms to provide greater privacy, scalability, and security to the protocol.

They added that around 40% of the Bitcoin hash rate is linked to Core. Moreover, Core is EVM-compatible that allows a number of use cases that cannot be executed on Bitcoin. With the news of the integration spreading like fire, the native token of SushiSwap, SUSHI has been subject to a great increase.

The token has surged by a staggering 10.05% over the previous 24 hours. The positive trend has pushed the trading price up to approximately $0.7302, and the total market of SUSHI currently stands at the $168 million mark. Analysts suggest that this might be the right time for investors to buy the tokens as it is expected that the surge would continue for a while.

Core and Sushiswap Move Together

concerns surrounding Sushiswap receiving a subpoena

The head of business development at SushiSwap, Jared Grey, also talked about the increasing concerns after a subpoena from the SEC. As a result, the platform developed a $3 million Sushi DAO legal defense fund to battle legal issues in the future.

The developers of the Core protocol have stated that the Satoshi Plus mechanism amalgamates the critical elements of the two consensus mechanisms. Satoshi Plus resorts to the use of Bitcoin which is used by miners to participate in the election of the validator. Furthermore, Core complements the decentralized security of the BTC consensus mechanism by using a certain form of the Ethereum PoS.


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