SushiSwap Expands to Aptos as First Non-EVM Chain Deployment

SushiSwap Expands to Aptos as First Non-EVM Chain Deployment
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SushiSwap, the well-known decentralized exchange (DEX) known for its multi-chain capabilities, has announced its expansion onto the Aptos Network. This marks SushiSwap’s inaugural venture into a non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chain, and it brings with it a host of benefits that promise to enhance the cross-chain trading landscape.

Aptos, the chosen platform for SushiSwap’s latest leap, is a Layer 1 blockchain designed with user experience at its core. At the heart of Aptos lies its Move programming language, a powerful tool that empowers developers to craft Web3 applications with simplicity, security, and speed as top priorities.

The blockchain network offers features that cater to a wide array of applications, including upgradeability and scalability and is capable of processing millions of transactions per second. It boasts a strong developer community, a clear development roadmap, and a dedication to security and privacy.

Meanwhile, SushiSwap’s integration with Aptos represents a milestone for both parties. By harnessing Aptos’s Move programming language, SushiSwap will initially introduce its v2 Automated Market Maker (AMM) and SushiXswap onto the Aptos network.

SushiSwap Meets Aptos to Elevate Cross-Chain DEXperience with Aptos

SushiSwap Meets Aptos to Elevate Cross-Chain DEXperience

This not only opens up new avenues for deep liquidity across various blockchain networks but also elevates the overall cross-chain trading experience to unprecedented heights.

While this initial migration to Aptos is significant, the Aptos Foundation stated in a blog post that it is just the beginning. Aptos, driven by its mission to facilitate effortless Web3 adoption, looks forward to empowering individuals with innovative solutions.

The platform stated,

“Further integrations are coming soon, focusing on world-class UX and interoperability for Sushi and Aptos users and builders.”

The Aptos team further said it firmly believes that Web3 has the power to give real possibilities to real people, whether that means expanding access to services or giving them more control over their creative output.

However, Sushi’s expansion efforts had no effect on SUSHI, the project’s native token, which was still down more than 2.73% over the previous day and was trading at $0.56. The native token of Aptos, APT, likewise followed this pattern, falling 5.3% over the last 24 hours, per Coinmarketcap data.


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