Sushiswap introduces MISO, the new SushiSwap token creation tool

Sushiswap introduces MISO, the new SushiSwap token creation tool
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The new product from Sushiswap aims to make it easier for developers to launch their projects on the exchange. Developers who want to launch new project tokens on Sushiswap can now use MISO as the development base. It’s a suite of open-source smart contracts that provides the essential tool for development teams. At any technical knowledge level, development teams can use the tool as their launchpad to create a secure project on Sushiswap exchange.

Easier DeFi Development on Sushiswap

Launching tokens on DeFi platforms needs many ingredients that some development teams may not be familiar with them. They should develop smart contracts to trigger the transactions and market makings for their tokens. The traditional methods were all code-oriented and needed a technical team to launch a token on platforms like Sushiswap. But MISO is here to offer out-of-the-box smart contracts, especially useful for non-technical developers.

Sushiswap customers that choose MISO as their token launchpad will find access to essential tools for project tokens. The launchpad gives them open-source smart contracts for an initial offering, vault, and farm options. Sushiswap calls the package of smart contracts “ingredients.” It consists of multiple tools for launching a token. They are TokenFactory, Fermentation, Market, Farm, and Launcher.

The market is one of the critical components of MISO. Sushiswap has made it somehow to help token developers in their initial offerings. The market on MISO helps them find the initial price for their token. It makes the process easier for launching and finding money for a new token. There will be multiple markets on MISO to help developers find the best initial price. Currently, Crowdsales and Dutch auctions are ready to use. There is a third one called Batch Auction that combines the first two.

Developers can combine the ingredients in MISO in multiple ways to launch their tokens easier. These methods are called “recipes” that Sushiswap describes:

“To enable new projects the best opportunity to launch cleanly onto the SushiSwap exchange, the Ingredients listed above can be combined in various ways — creating “Recipes.” These recipes provide project teams the flexibility they need to create the launch their token needs to succeed, without having to needlessly dedicate their own researches to developing their own launch methods.”

MISO is a launchpad and also a playground for DeFi developers. It makes the process easier in every step, from research and development to initial offering and pricing the tokens. Sushiswap hopes to attract more development teams to the platform with this tool.

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