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cryptocurrency news crypto economyLatest news about Bitcoin [BTC] and Cryptocurrencies focused on their technology.

Blockchain is the new technology that is revolutionizing all sectors and markets: transport, communication, video games, Artificial Intelligence, online security and automotive.

This technology is expanding, updating and improving all thanks to blockchain technology.

In this section, our writing team deals with topics about blockchain and emerging new technologies related to cryptocurrencies.

The adoption of this technology is progressive and little by little it is integrated into our day to day, being increasingly common to find news related to it.


Ethereum tests a consensus model

The Ethereum blockchain currently uses a Labor Test consensus mechanism to verify transactions and produce new ether coins. This means that Ethereum miners require...

Bank of England News and its FinTech Accelerator

The Bank of England (BoE) recently released a press release announcing that its FinTech Accelerator has launched a new community bringing together FinTech-related organizations....
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Blockchain technology and online games

Online games are booming and have become a multi-million dollar global industry. Video games were originally in arcade and later in consoles, but online...
Blockchain revolution

The Blockchain revolution: future with or without permission

It is already beginning to speculate that the "new gold rush" of our times is the Blockchain revolution. And many developers are already infected...

Komodo and the consensus on digital currencies

In the spectrum of digital coins there is much to tell yet. It is frequent to see new proposals, process improvements and innovations in...

China’s Central Bank to create its own digital currency

The irreversible trend in the field of digital currencies is the adoption of its technology for...
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Federal reserve to implement Blockchain technology

  The blockchain technology is affecting possibilities in the financial sector. And even the Federal Reserve of the United States seriously evaluates its adoption. In...
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Technology Blockchain arrives in India by the hand of Ethereum

Blockchain technology comes to India by the hand of Ethereum. During the first Blockchain summit in that country, there was talk of non-financial applications...

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