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Crypto Millionaire Erik Finman Sets Out To Make Cryptocurrencies Tangible and More Tactile Through CoinBits App

Crypto enthusiasts across the globe may think they have seen and heard it all when it comes to apps and platforms coming from the crypto space. However, 20-year-old crypto millionaire Erik Finman is a man on a mission to make cryptocurrencies together with its pillar blockchain more tangible and tactile. Finman’s idea is to enable the average fork to be able to make investments in Bitcoin easily and reap from cryptocurrencies just like he did.

To achieve his primary goal of enabling the average folks to invest in crypto, Finman injected 100,000 US dollars into CoinBits app to set the balls rolling and achieve his dream. CoinBits is a web-based application whose aim is round up your debit/credit card purchases into the nearest dollar take charge of the difference and invest in Bitcoin. The process is automatic and is done on behalf of the investors who in this case, are the average folks.

Although crypto is a new sector on its own, projects coming from the industry follow the basis of financial systems from the traditional financial sector. CoinBits investment model falls in line with brick and mortar system such as Acorns Grow Inc. a micro-investment app.

Other Platforms in the Market Do not Put Finman Off

Although other platforms like Robinhood and popular digital asset platforms like Coinbase are already in the market, according to Finman investing crypto through the latter apps is cumbersome for the average folks. The latter translates to difficulty in buying hence fewer people make investments. However, the faults of the above platforms are what form the baseline of CoinBits.

At CoinBits, users can make one-time investments according to their risk profile preferences. Furthermore, CoinBits offers some zero commissions to its users. On the other hand, as a security measure, 98 percent of Bitcoin at CoinBits are in cold storage to prevent the rampant breaches that lead to hacking incidences.

In addition to all the above CoinBits platform is easy to use and comes with user-friendly features. The latter features make everything straightforward for the average folk who Finman is targeting. Moreover, the instant chat platform feature guarantees users a quick response to their queries. As new platforms come out, users stand to gain more as the market becomes competitive, and more products come out.

Carlos Teodoro
Carlos Teodoro
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