Composable Finance’s Canary Network Picasso Will be the 13th Kusama Parachain

Composable Finance’s canary network Picasso will now be onboarded as Kusama’s 13th parachain at the start of the next lease period as it has won the 12th parachain auction.

Kusama: Third-Batch for 24 Parachains Has Commenced

Kusama parachain auctions for the third batch of 24 parachains has commenced on Monday, October 25, after two days of delay.
Kusama parachain auction

The Next Phase Kusama Parachain Auctions to Begin on October 23

Polkadot and its canary network Kusama is now moving forward quickly to unleash its full potential as the next phase of 48 Kusama parachain...

Much-Awaited Polkadot Parachain Auctions to Begin on November 11, 2021

After Kusama, the main Polkadot chain is now all set to host the first parachain on its Relay Chain as the team has announced that the much-awaited Polkadot parachain auctions would begin on November 11, 2021.

Altair Network Has Joined the Kusama Network as 10th Parachain

Altair Network has joined the Kusama Network as the 10th parachain as it was announced the winner of 9th parachain slot auction.

Basilisk Finance is Now the 8th External Parachain on Kusama

Basilisk Finance is now the 8th external parachain on Polkadot’s sister network Kusama as it has won the 8th parachain slot auction.

Calamari Network has Become the Seventh Real-World Parachain on Kusama

Calamari Network has become the seventh real-world parachain on Polkadot’s canary network after winning the seventh Kusama parachain auction.

The First Round of Kusama Parachain Bidding has Ended with Bifrost Finance as the...

Polkadot Network is steadily moving towards launching the much-awaited parachain functionality as the first round of parachain slot auction for its sister network Kusama has ended.

Phala’s Canary Network Khala Wins the Fourth Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

Phala’s canary network Khala Network, a Substrate-based interoperable cross-chain confidential smart contract platform, has won the fourth Kusama parachain slot auction and is now the fifth parachain on the sister network of Polkadot along with Statemine (test parachain), Karura Network, Moonriver Network, Shiden Network.

Moonbeam Companion Moonriver Network Wins the Second Kusama Parachain Slot

Moonbeam companion Moonriver Network will be the second real parachain on Polkadot’s canary network Kusama as it has won the second parachain slot auction.

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