A New Initiative is Launched by Stellar to Accelerate Blockchain Education

A New Initiative is Launched by SDF to Accelerate Blockchain Education
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Stellar Development Foundation launched a new initiative with a considerable focus on blockchain education. The new so-called Stellar Next-Gen is focused on helping tomorrow’s business leaders and developers.

It’s clear that these developers and business leaders will be chosen from those who are interested in blockchain technology and work in the industry. Universities and various education centers will world with SDF in this initiative. The new initiative is toward the goal of SDF to create access to the global financial system for everyone.

Another Opportunity for Blockchain Lovers

Many small teams and junior developers are looking for opportunities to enter the blockchain industry. Many of them have big ideas, and many are looking for some help from experienced teams and companies. Stellar Development Foundation is among the big supporters of new teams and ideas in technology. It has many initiatives and funds for supporting new faces.

The latest announcement from the Foundation is toward this goal, too. Another initiative, this time, focused on blockchain education. Stellar Next-Gen is a new initiative from SDF that works in partnership with universities around the world.

One of the biggest goals of Stellar Next-Gen is to support academic programs and organizations around the world. Some of the examples are Blockchain at Berkeley, University College of London’s Centre of Blockchain Technologies, and the National University of Singapore’s Fintech Lab. Another goal is focused on underrepresented groups. SDF wants to help communities around the world find easier access to educational material of the blockchain industry. The Foundation sponsors student hackathons to help younger developers.

Creating an inclusive community is among the top priorities of SDF Next-Gen. Denelle Dixon, the CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, said:

“To build a more inclusive financial system, we have to provide students of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of blockchain technology.” They must be empowered to see themselves as part of the solution. This initiative builds on our ongoing work with universities and organizations to make sure the next generation of builders is equipped with the information, tools, and mentorship they need.” 

The latest initiative from SDF won’t be the last program to support new faces in the industry. The Foundation is committed to attracting more developers and ideas to the community, especially the Stellar community. There will be more events and learning programs that are focused on every developer or manager that is interested in blockchain technology.

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