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Steer Finance is Sushi Incubator’s First Project

Steer Finance is Sushi Incubator's First Project

SushiSwap announced the first project from the Sushi Incubator named Steer Finance. It provides easy-to-use tools to remove the burden of global DeFi expansion.

Steer Finance is the first try from the SushiSwap incubator program that aims to make DeFi accessible to a mass audience. A user-friendly technical tool experience is the most important product of Steer Finance and surely helps Sushi find more developers and users in a shorter time.

Making DeFi Accessible to More People

Blockchain technology and its products have experienced considerable growth in the past decade. But the ecosystem is still very young, and not too many mainstream users have joined the movement.

Services like DeFi platforms are surely attractive and useful for tech enthusiasts, but they need to be simplified a lot more to be able to help more people.

Making DeFi accessible to a mass audience is one of the biggest goals of the SushiSwap community. It’s the reason they have launched the Sushi Incubator program to help better tools emerge in the ecosystem.

Steer Finance is the first project from the Sushi Incubator. It focuses on creating a user-friendly experience of technical tools so more people can benefit from the DeFi infrastructures. The technical tools that Steer Finance focuses on are the strategies that technical experts have created and published on the blockchain. Steer Finance will repurpose them to allow any DeFi user to take advantage of the yields like professional users.

Steer Finance lowers not only the technical barriers of entry but also the economic barriers. It runs the majority of the strategy updates off-chain. These updates are managed by a group of governance-approved miners. An important thing about Steer Finance is that the project is chain agnostic and will support Ethereum, Bitcoin, Optimism, Polygon (Matic), and BSC.

Sushi Incubator has accepted Steer Finance as the first project because the community believes in the future of the project. According to the announcement:

“Sushi’s decision to welcome Steer into the incubator program is a vote of confidence in their future. By incubating Steer, similar to many TradFi incubators, Sushi has agreed on a stake of the Steer’s governance token for support during incubation, and as such, we consider Steer to be on par with our ecosystem. Steer will be supported by Sushi as part of its community, offering a hand through its network of connections.”

The SushiSwap community has always focused on innovation and openness in the blockchain industry. The latest project launch and support programs are all aligned with that ethos and try to reach the goals as fast as possible.

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