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Blockchain is the new technology that is revolutionizing all sectors and markets: transport, communication, video games, Artificial Intelligence, online security and automotive.

This technology is expanding, updating and improving all thanks to blockchain technology.

In this section, our writing team deals with topics about blockchain and emerging new technologies related to cryptocurrencies.

The adoption of this technology is progressive and little by little it is integrated into our day to day, being increasingly common to find news related to it.

Iceland electricity Bitcoin

Iceland will consume more energy to mine Bitcoin than for their homes

Iceland is considered the paradise for the production of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The first reason why this is so is due to...

The cryptocurrency fever prevents the search for extraterrestrials

The cryptocurrencies have gained relevance in recent times so much that has been criticized by financial and government authorities, now also by scientists who...
mineria Leningrado

Two Russian Regions Ready to Welcome Industrialized Mining

Kaliningrad and Leningrad are two western Russia regions that have indicated interest in welcoming cryptomining companies to the region. This comes on the heels...
Bitcoin RIG energy consumption

Electricity Demand for Bitcoin Mining Soars in Iceland

In Iceland, mining companies and investors have been indicating interest to build data centers in the country that the concerned agencies are now selective...
Alerta rusa

Russian Nuclear Engineers Arrested for Mining Bitcoins with Government Supercomputers.

Some nuclear engineers working in a secret Russian nuclear facility have been arrested for using supercomputers in the facility to mine Bitcoins. Apparently, the...
Bitfury security

Bitfury joins the fight against Bitcoin crime with its new Crystal software

The Bitfury Group has announced that from January 30 its new proprietary software Crystal is available, designed as a blockchain research tool for financial...
Tangem billetes

Tangem: Cryptocurrencies in smart banknotes

While it is true that the fundamental nature of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is to be primarily digital, it is not unreasonable to see...
Coinfinity transaction

Coinfinity executes a transaction at an ATM with Lightning Network support

Austrian company Coinfinity is going to add up a new distinction to its record, for it has successfully executed the first Bitcoin ATM transaction...
samsung mining

Samsung enters the market of cryptocurrencies with ASIC

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has just announced the closure of a contract to supply ASIC to the Chinese company HW, a manufacturer of virtual...

Ledger to include wallet-to-wallet exchange

Radar Relay, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange startup, has recently made public it is supporting Ledger hardware wallets. Past Wednesday, the 0x orderbook provider announced its...