NBA and NBPA Partners with Dapper Labs Firm behind CryptoKitties to Develop NBA Top Shot

NBA and NBPA Partners with Dapper Labs Firm behind CryptoKitties to Develop NBA Top Shot

Through partnering with Dapper Labs, the firm behind CryptoKitties, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) are developing a game worth their fan’s time. By leveraging blockchain technology to their advantage, the partners are developing NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot will be hosted on a blockchain platform and will be at the disposal of fans to collect and own their best live moments during games. In addition to owning those moments, fans can also trade their live moments with each other.

NBA Top Shot is all about at Engaging Fans in an amazing Social Experience.

Although NBA Top Shot is built around digital collectibles, its primary goal here is to increase fans engagement. The digital collectibles are crafted out of live shots from games such as Joel Embiid’s incredible dunk or Keven Durant’s 3-point shot. To do that, NBA Top Shot is incorporated with a head to head match. However, the latter comes with one unique feature, squads for the games are built from the captured live in-game moments. The live in-game moments are also what create digital collectibles.


By creating their squads, fans can play online tournaments or leagues organized on-chain. The latter will, in turn, give fans not only a fun and compelling experience but also ensure fans of all ages can participate in the games. In addition to the above, the NBA Top Shot game will contain other innovative features.

Although all the above give fans a glimpse of what to expect, NBA Top Shot won’t be available until 2020. However, both partners are charged up and ready for launch. While issuing his remarks about NBA Top Shot, Adrienne O’Keeffe, NBA Senior Director, Consumer Products & Gaming Partnerships said;

“We believe Dapper Labs is the perfect partner to make the digital collectibles available for gaming in NBA Top Shots for all basketball fans.”

Apart from NBA and NBPA taking on blockchain to wow their fans, Sacramento Kings basketball team and Cleveland Cavaliers also have projects in the blockchain space. Sacramento has partnered with a crypto mining hardware firm to install ETH mining machines at its Gold 1 Center. On the other hand, Cavs has an advertising deal in place.