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Nuls launches its ChainBox Solution for blockchain based developers

As innovation takes center stage in the crypto space, crypto based firms have now turned to getting blockchain networks up and running. However, the latter process is cumbersome takes developers a lot of time, consumes a lot of finances and also causes other challenges.

Amid all the innovation, Nuls an open source enterprise-grade platform has gone an extra mile and come up with a platform that solves all the above challenges. In particular, Nuls has released its ChainBox solution, which enables developers to make and deploy their applications on their blockchain networks within ten minutes. In short Nuls ChainBox solution takes the burden of dealing with the initial stages of development by giving developers a blank canvas to make and deploy the applications.

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Apart from just reducing the time taken to develop and deploy the applications on a blockchain network, Nuls has gone that extra mile and given developers more. Right at ChainBox developers can personalize and fine-tune their blockchain networks to fit with their specific needs. However, the best feature of ChainBox is its language agnostic meaning developers have more to work with.

Similarly, ChainBox is set to roll out another solution Chain Factory that will add extra features. Chain Factory will also add more functionality features by adding module applications. The latter will be available for download automatically, and upgrade will be instant.

To showcase the functionality of ChainBox, Nuls has scheduled an online hackathon from July 8th to August 29th. During this event, developers will test the workings of ChainBox and build a module that solves practical problems. The hackathon is open to all developers, and the best project developers will walk out with $500,000. In addition to the prize money, the winning project will get business support combined with an incubation period and might even get an exchange listing.

While ChainBox depicts what Nuls is all about, the above development is just but the begining for Nuls. As it works to provide stakeholders with an excellent platform, its primary goal is to unveil innovative products to the sector earlier than expected. Furthermore, Nuls is working to ensure all blockchain platforms crafted out of its solution come with high flexibility and scalability features. Through those features, Nuls will make the blockchain platforms more adaptive meaning they can be fine-tuned to provide better and efficient services per growing demand.

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