Komodo and its technology. What is it?

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The Komodo platform began to be built in 2014 and since its launch the Komodo team has pioneered the development of dozens of innovative technologies.

In this article, we will briefly review the evolution of blockchain technology from its inception to the present, and we will talk in more detail about Komodo technology.

Blockchain technology has evolved rapidly since its appearance. This evolution could be divided into 4 phases:

  • The first phase would be represented with the appearance of bitcoin.
  • The second phase would be linked to Ethereum and its smart contracts.
  • The third phase would be defined by the improvement of these smart contracts.
  • And in the last and current phase the composibility appears, where each project can create and control its own blockchain, without the need to use that of a third party.

“Komodo is the only blockchain platform in the world focused on providing compostable blockchain solutions with a multi-chain architecture and an open ecosystem.” They state on the platform’s website.


Komodo Technology

Komodo offers unique solutions to make your blockchain compostable, these characteristics are achieved through a large number of components that can be combined, used, deactivated or expanded when needed, can be applied to any project and meet all kinds of needs .

Compostable solutions

Among the solutions offered by the Komodo platform so that its blockchain is compostable, we can highlight:

Smart chains

Komodo Smart Chains are compatible with any application, game or blockchain-based program, they are fully adaptable and expandable depending on the resources needed by the project at any time.


Each blockchain created with Komodo, is completely independent and configurable with its own rates and rules.


The Antara Framework of Komodo, offers a wide library of modules that give the freedom to customize each project completely, these modules can be activated, deactivated or expanded. Thanks to them anything you can imagine can be created.


With Antara Composer, projects can be created quickly and efficiently.


The Komodo platform is the foundation on which the other technologies are built. Total freedom and autonomy in the projects created in your network make the applications provided by Komodo technology fully adaptable.

Antara Framework

Its intelligent blockchain, modules, integration layers and its end-to-end blockchain development allow the Komodo Antara Framework to launch autonomous, customizable, modular and powerful Smart Chains in a simple way.


The Komodo Deferred Work Test (dPoW) provides BTC-level security to each chain created in the Komodo network, as well as to any UTXO-based blockchain.

dPoW It has been successfully tested against 51% attacks and is currently securing dozens of blockchains.

Komodo platform syncs

Komodo platform synchronizations are based on a complex process of notifications between chains. The Komodo Notary Nodes network performs periodic notifications between chains to synchronize them.


Atomic exchanges

“Komodo’s industry-leading atomic exchange technology is the only truly P2P negotiation available today. It is much safer and much more convenient than any other negotiation method. ”, they say on their website.

Komodo atomic exchanges are compatible with 99% of current currencies and tokens. In Komodo atomic exchanges the user does not need to lose control of his private keys, which offers extra security.



Komodo and the Atomic Swap

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