Komodo – Report 2019 and Roadmap 2020


There is no doubt that the Komodo team has worked hard during the year 2019, which is why in this article we want to review the achievements made during this time. We will also talk about the project plans for 2020.

Komodo achievements during 2019

The Komodo developer team is one of the most active in the current crypto ecosystem, among its achievements during the past year we can highlight:

Blockchains with quantum security

In March 2019, the Komodo team created Dilithium, a blockchain module with quantum security created using the Komodo Antara Framework, which is compatible with any project created in the Komodo ecosystem.

Brand Change

Months later the Komodo platform made a change of brand, and published its new website, its new logo and its Antara Composer projects and the AtomicDEX decentralized exchange.

Other achievements

The development of nSPV, the ultralight simple payment verification technology, the Adaptive Proof of Work (APoW) consensus mechanism, AtomicDEX testing or the upgrade to Komodo v0.5.0 that includes DeFi solutions, are some of the work that has been done The Komodo team in 2019.

komodo- roadmap

Roadmap for 2020

If 2019 came full of news and updates, 2020 will not be less. The 3 key points where the Komodo team wants to focus are:

  • Komodo Core
  • Antara Framework
  • AtomicDEX

We will briefly explain what plans they have for each of them.

Komodo Core

The Komodo Core is the heart of the project and needs constant work to function at peak performance.

Reducing the use of memory and transaction costs, in addition to improving the efficiency of the Core and increasing its performance, are some of the tasks that will be carried out.

Antara Framework

The application for the development of Komodo-based Blockchains is another of the platform’s great projects.

The revision, optimization and improvement of this tool is one of the key points in the roadmap.


The decentralized exchange of Komodo was one of the great launches of the platform in 2019, during 2020, it will continue to be updated, improved and offering new services to meet the needs of its users.

New elections for Notary Node

komodo-kmd-invertir en criptomonedas

As announced on its platform, the selection process of the Notary Node will begin on March 15, 2020 and end on the 31st of the same month.

This will be the fourth annual Notary Node election on the Komodo platform.

During the elections, the KMD holders will receive a voting token equivalent to 1 vote for each Komodo in possession and may vote on the proposals made by the candidates for Notary Node.

In total there will be 64 Notary Nodes, 30 will be the nodes that have performed the best last season, 30 will be chosen in the elections and 4 are reserved for members of the Komodo team.

The function of these Notary Nodes is to provide the network with security, scaling and interoperability functions.