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KMDLabs: a blockchain incubator for the Komodo Platform.

The social media giant Facebook has for a long time subscribed to the widely popularized “Move Fast Break Things” mantra.

Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW): Komodo’s Innovative Consensus Mechanism

Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW): Komodo’s Innovative Consensus Mechanism

When Bitcoin was proposed back in 2008, the author of the whitepaper –Satoshi Nakamoto – introduced a novel but simple ...


Komodo – Report 2019 and Roadmap 2020

There is no doubt that the Komodo team has worked hard during the year 2019, which is why in this ...

Komodo advances in nSPV technology

Komodo is one of the most active platforms currently in terms of progress, the team of this project works tirelessly ...


NIX and Flare Wallet with the collaboration of Komodo, get the first automated privacy exchange

As recently announced on the nixplatform blog, NIX together with Flare Wallet and the collaboration of the Komodo team, have ...

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Komodo [KMD] – Binance Adds Staking Program for Blockchain Ecosystem Builder Komodo

Blockchain ecosystem builder Komodo is the latest addition to Binance’s staking program allowing its users to lock their KMD tokens ...

Komodo [KMD]: Launch of Antara, rebrand and start of Notary Nodes Season 3

The Komodo team continues working on its project, today July 15 the platform has several updates planned, among which we ...

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Antara, the next launch of the Komodo platform

As announced on its website, next July 15, 2019, the Komodo team will launch Antara, an adaptive framework for the ...


Verus brings Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS) to the Komodo ecosystem

Verus is an open source project that is part of the Komodo ecosystem. From the beginning the developers of both ...

6 projects using Komodo technology [KMD]

Komodo goes far beyond than being a project attached to a cryptocurrency. The Komodo community and developers are really involved ...

Last News about Komodo [KMD] Cryptocurrency

Do not miss the latest news about Komodo [KMD], the digital currency that wants to position itself as the new security and anonymity standard for cryptocurrencies, whose transactions are 100% untraceable.

Komodo works with the dPoW algorithm (Delayed Proof of Work) and is protected by Zero knowledge proofs of the Zcash protocol.

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