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As announced on its website, next July 15, 2019, the Komodo team will launch Antara, an adaptive framework for the development of end-to-end blockchains. Komodo was the first platform to include multiple chains in the cryptographic industry, steps that have been followed by other projects such as Ontology or Cosmos Network.

What is Antara?

antara frakework

Built with Komodo technology, Antara is an adaptable Framework, with which you can create a modular, autonomous and personalized smart chain. Once created, you can add custom modules to design high performance blockchain applications.

Antara Characteristics

Smart chains

The Antara smart chains are totally autonomous, since they have their own decentralized network. Customizable, allowing you to choose between 24 different parameters to fully customize your Smart Chain. It has consensus rules and its own coins. Transaction fees will be paid in the currency of your Smart Chain.


Antara allows you to choose between different libraries of built-in modules, such as; modules to create your own token, oracles, create instant payments, reward programs, among many others.

These modules can be encoded and added new functions. Another feature is that they are Turing complete since they are compatible with C/C++. They allow to improve the performance and are constantly updated.

Integration layer

The integration layer of Antara has an open API with which the applications connect to your Smart Chain. It allows encoding games and dApps only with RCP calls and its applications are executed natively.

In addition, thanks to the “white label products” of Komodo, access to Multi-Active wallets for Desktop and Mobile, the use of a decentralized atomic exchange, decentralized crowdfunding application or custom block scanners, among others, is allowed.

This update on the platform is not the only surprise on which the Komodo team is working, since other developments are also planned, such as the updating of its website, a change of branding or a network program for members, between other updates. They are also conducting tests for the launch of a Blockchain Antara development kit, an atomic DEX hybrid and a multiple cryptocurrency purse.

About Komodo

komodo platform

Created in 2014, the Komodo platform has been a pioneer in the blockchain industry, this platform allows the creation of independent blockchains, the execution of smart contracts, the creation of ICOs or the realization of atomic exchanges, among other actions.

The pillars of Komodo are:

  • Security: Through dynamic point-of-control notarisations, it offers security at Bitcoin level.
  • Scalability: Komodo’s multi-string architecture allows each project to expand without limits.
  • Interoperability: All block chains in the Komodo ecosystem support atomic exchanges and intelligent inter-string contracts.
  • Adaptability: Komodo technology is fully modular and is prepared for the future with continuous updates to the ecosystem.


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