Komodo [KMD]: Launch of Antara, rebrand and start of Notary Nodes Season 3

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The Komodo team continues working on its project, today July 15 the platform has several updates planned, among which we can highlight: The launch of the Antara Framework (An end-to-end intelligent chain development framework), its complete rebranding and the beginning of the 3rd season of notarization of the new notary nodes and the re-elected veterans.

Antara Framework

Antara is a blockchain framework built with Komodo technology, which allows to create modular smart chains, these Antara smart chains are the first layer of their Framework, and are characterized by being:

  • Independents: Since they have their own consensus rules, their own currency and they are decentralized.
  • Customizable: Allows 18 customization options, such as the choice of consensus rules, Hash algorithm, size and frequency of reduction in block rewards, privacy settings, etc.
  • Built on purpose: Due to their personalization options, each one can adapt them for their needs in the Smart Chains, whatever their final purpose is.
  • Scalable: Allows you to launch additional Smart Chains to improve performance.


To accompany the Antara Framework, Komodo has prepared the launch of a complete rebrand that includes, the change of its website, a new visual identity, new whitepaper and other new features.

Notary Nodes

All computers in the Komodo dPoW network must validate the transactions that take place before they are executed. In addition to this validation, the Notary Nodes create a backup copy of this chain in the ledger of a different blockchain.

This network is composed of 64 servers that are responsible for carrying out these processes, and are called Notary Nodes.

These Notary Nodes are elected annually by a vote in which KMD holders can participate, where each KMD in possession is equivalent to 1 vote.

On July 15, 2019, the third season has begun. Where the elected Notary Nodes begin their process of notarization.

In addition to these changes that are to come, recently the Komodo platform has launched a mobile application to perform atomic exchanges called Atomic DEX.

Thanks to this application available for Android, users can make atomic exchanges (Exchange from one cryptocurrency to another without the need of third parties) from their phones.


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