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What is the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization?

Coin Market Cap (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization) is the application of a standard mathematical formula on cryptocurrencies as assets. The methods help determine the cumulative value of a cryptocurrency at a given time. The equations used are generally a multiplication of the amount of the cryptocurrency given in circulation by the price of that cryptocurrency.

The importance of the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization is that it helps determine the range of any cryptocurrency compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. It is the economic indicator of the intrinsic value of any cryptocurrency.

Some websites show the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. These platforms track the capitalization of different cryptocurrencies and also usually provide additional information, such as the price of a cryptocurrency in different fiat currencies, charts, information on the cryptocurrency exchanges that sell them, etc.

Next, we will analyze the nine main web pages on Market Capitalizations (Coin Market Cap) in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The best Cryptocurrency market capitalization websites

The list that we show below is not ordered by any type of ranking or scale, all these pages do a great job and although the main theme of all is the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, each of them has unique characteristics that differ from the rest, and the use of several of them can be perfectly complemented to obtain more complete data.


coingecko coinmarketcap

With its main base in Singapore, Coingecko was founded in April 2014 by TM Lee and Bobby Ong.

“Our objective is to elevate crypto participants’ understanding of fundamental factors that drive the market. CoinGecko is one of the largest and earliest crypto data aggregators, operating since early 2014. It currently tracks nearly 3,300 tokens from more than 260 cryptocurrency exchanges.”, they state on their website.

What differentiates Coingecko from the rest of the cryptocurrency market capitalization sites?

Its main differentiating factor from other capitalization sites is that Coingecko has its classification system known as Gecko Ranking. The system provides a graph to monitor the performance of cryptocurrencies.

It also helps users to evaluate and classify crypto currencies actively and quantitatively using technology such as Viewport Meta and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Links of interest of Coingecko



In addition to market capitalization, Coinpaprika offers different graphs where you can analyze the rates of return of the different cryptocurrencies, know if their price has been historically higher and compare it with the current one or measure the number of followers of the different projects on social networks.

“Coinpaprika is a powerful tool, designed for every cryptocurrency user. Thanks to our service, you can easily analyze the current market situation and learn more about interesting projects. Our platform allows you to view such things as the technical aspects of a given cryptocurrency, developer teams – people responsible for a given coin, historical prices, charts, as well as GitHub progress.” they say from their website

What differentiates Coinpaprika from the rest of the cryptocurrency market capitalization sites?

What makes it stand out from the rest is that it provides a historical gap in the market that shows the history of the real liquidity of any cryptocurrency on its platform.

In addition, Coinpaprika has a strict policy of not showing any form of advertising on its platform or imposing any form of payment for its services.

Recently the platform has launched COINS, a mobile APP with which you can store your cryptocurrencies, control your portfolio and buy crypto directly from the application, among other services.

Links of interest of Coinpaprika



Livecoinwatch was founded in September 2017 and had more than 47,000 users. In addition to the capitalization of the currency market, it also tracks other aspects of cryptocurrencies, such as the 24-hour trading volume.

What differentiates Livecoinwatch from other coin market capitalization sites?

Unlike other coin market capitalization sites, Livecoinwatch has improved portfolio tracking features. It also allows users to view the capitalization of currencies without logging into the platform.

In addition, users can update the site every 60 seconds to verify the latest price update. Prices are in real time, as they are updated automatically every 5 seconds.

Livecoinwatch links of interest



It was founded in 2014 by Charles Hayter and Vlad Cealicu. Cryptocompare analyzes and aggregates cryptographic data collected from globally recognized platforms.

What differentiates Cryptocompare from other cryptocurrency market capitalization sites?

Its price charts and Livestream analysis of all major exchanges distinguish it from the rest. It also makes an additional effort to compare mining equipment, mining contracts and wallets of different cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocompare links of interest



Coinmarketcap is a premium market capitalization site that is registered in the United States of America.

What differentiates Coinmarketcap from other coin market capitalization sites?

Coinmarketcap has many unique features. These include historical snapshots, currency conversion calculator, crypto glossary, API service, event calendar and watch list that users can customize on the platform. These characteristics make it stand out from the rest.

Links of interest of Coinmarketcap



CoinCodex collects data from more than 200 exchanges. In addition to capitalization, it also provides real-time prices and historical charts of more than 5,000 currencies.

What differentiates CoinCodex from other coin market capitalization sites?

The intuitive portfolio feature of CoinCodex distinguishes it from other sites. This portfolio allows users to closely monitor the performance of any specific currency.

It also provides an extensive database of more than 1,500 ICO. In addition, its ICO calendar function allows users to obtain close information about next or complete token sales.

CoinCodex links of interest



Joroen Erne and Valentine Bora founded it in 2017 with their headquarters in Asia Pacific.

What differentiates Coincheckup from the rest of the currency market capitalization sites?

Its main distinguishing feature is that it offers its users investments and price performance statistics for cryptocurrencies.

It also prepares a daily status update video and provides links to relevant news headlines.

Links of interest of Coincheckup



With Coinlib, whatever the users can do on a desktop computer can also be done on the mobile phone browser.

What differentiates Coinlib from the rest of the currency market capitalization sites?

Coinlib, unlike other currency market capitalization sites, provides more metric details of cryptocurrencies. These details include cryptocurrency Twitter followers, GitHub activity, return on investment, Sharpe’s relationship and technical analysis.

Links of interest of Coinlib



Coincap, apart from the capitalization, also has an exchange that allows users to buy different cryptocurrencies using the US dollar.

What differentiates Coincap from the rest of the currency market capitalization sites?

Coincap provides a new way to visualize data through its Tradingview function.

The feature provides graphics that are highly participatory where users can visualize market activities and get a unique view.

Links of interest of CoinCap


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