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By this way we have reviewed numerous ICOs of platforms and projects of the most diverse orientations. The rise of tokenization as a financial leverage resource, as well as the main axis of an ecosystem of exchange of goods and services is one of the most interesting phenomena that blockchain technology has brought us as a result of the desire for its implementation in the ideas of many developers who have found in blockchain the most suitable resource to make their projects viable.

One of those projects about which ICO we talked about at the beginning of this year is Travelflex, who are doing their work with constancy, and who have announced the conditions so that the holders of their TRF token can swap towards the new and definitive version of their cryptocurrency within the technical parameters that were offered during its ICO.


Let’s remember a little bit about what the Travelflex project is about. It is a multipurpose platform oriented to travel services, hence its name.

It also has its own cryptocurrency that was minable and that runs on its own network, which as noted on its website aims to “solve the problems of scalability currently facing other currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum” For this they have developed a new algorithm in DAG, which is precisely towards which the swap of “old” TRF currencies has been enabled towards the definitive ones based on DAG. Thanks to this algorithm the speed of the block is 1 block per second, compared to 1 block for 10 minutes that Bitcoin carries.

Below we will transcribe parts of a tutorial that the people of Travelflex have placed on their blog so that the holders of their TRF token can do the swap.

First of all, it should be noted that the coins will not change their name, they will continue to be called TRF. After the swap, each TRF holder will obtain the new TRF based on a 1: 1 ratio, which means that he will receive the same amount of TRF based on DAG for each “old” TRF he exchanges in this way.

It is also important to mention that there will be no more mining, in the future there will be a reward structure based on nodes and masternodes.

As for swap itself, it is important that it be done on the official Travelflex platforms.

Steps to perform the Swap

First enter the following link  where you must create a new account. The accounts are not linked to the one you initially created on

Once the new account is created, log in, and go to where it says “WALLETS”, click on “TRF (OLD)” and proceed to copy the TRF address in “DEPOSIT TRAVELFLEX (OLD)”.

Once this is done, enter your old wallet at and copy this address in the send box and select the amount of TRF to send. It may take a minute or a little more for your coins to appear on the exchange platform where you opened a new account. If necessary, you can try refreshing your browser page to verify that everything is fine.

Go now to the exchange wallet where you opened a new account, and enter where it says “SWAP”; Enter the amount of TRF you want to change in the “Quantity” box, and click “SWAP” directly below the “QTY” box.

The amount you changed will already appear in your TRF DAG balance. Now, it is necessary that you download the new DAG-based wallet which you will find here

The file to download that contains the new DAG wallet is called “TravelFlex-win.exe”, download and install the software, follow the respective instructions and you will have your new DAG wallet. It is recommended to choose the “default configuration”. Once the above is done, click on “Start”, and click on the “Receive” tab to see your new wallet address, after which you must copy it.

steps swap travelflex guide

Now Return to  and go to the “WALLETS” tab and click on “TRF (DAG)”, go to where it says “WITHDRAW TRAVELFLEX (DAG)”, there you should copy the address of your new one wallet you just installed from the GitHub website.

Enter now the amount of TRAVELFLEX (DAG) or select “ALL” and then click on “WITHDRAW”. You will see in a minute your coins in your new DAG wallet. And with that he has done the swap.

It is highly recommended to do the swap as soon as possible. Also keep in mind the importance of taking care of your passwords.

Another aspect of security that must be taken into account is that if the device in which the wallet was installed is replaced or the wallet software is deleted, the funds in the wallet can only be recovered with a backup copy, which must be created immediately after the installation of it.

At all events we recommend visiting the official Travelflex channels to verify the steps here explained. These are the official Travelflex channels:


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