SushiSwap Partners with AnySwap in Cross-chain Transaction Processing

SushiSwap Partners with AnySwap in Cross-chain Transaction Processing
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AnySwap announced a new partnership with SushiSwap focusing on cross-chain transactions. The new collaboration includes SushiSwap integrating the cross-chain bridge tool from AnySwap.

SushiSwap users will benefit a lot from the new partnership. They will find access to assets in other blockchains using the AnySwap bridge. The ultimate result will be more liquidity and token swaps in platforms.

Cross-chain functionalities, a challenge in crypto

Cross-chain functionalities have always been a challenge for the crypto world. Users from one blockchain sometimes needed access to assets and tokens on the other one. Besides, sending and receiving data between blockchains required many steps.

Some tools like AnySwap try to solve the challenge at some levels in the DeFi world. These tools are convenient. They facilitate the movement of liquidity between blockchains and DeFi platforms. AnySwap cross-chain bridge benefits from a multi-party computing network (SMPC Network) and helps users exchange tokens and data between multiple blockchains.

The SushiSwap community can benefit a lot from the latest partnership with AnySwap. The multi-chain interoperability that comes with the AnySwap bridge helps liquidity providers connect to bigger worlds. It enriches the community by offering the chance to exchange tokens in other blockchains.

AnySwap and SushiSwap have started cooperation for some time. The ANY token was added to the list of supported tokens in SushiSwap a while ago. Two projects are trying their best to offer comprehensive solutions to their users. Their latest partnership is another strategic step toward more user-friendly DeFi services.

AnySwap tries its best to provide a reliable solution for connecting DeFi platforms. Its service somehow creates a unified system of DeFi platforms that successfully attract users and partners. The addition of ANY token to SushiSwap pools had lots of benefits for this token’s holers. AnySwap describes the partnership:

“Anyswap’s $ANY has been added to the Sushiswap token list earlier and can be traded on ETH/ANY LP tokens can be exchanged for $SUSHI in Onsen, and users can also exchange tokens and liquidity mine on Sushiswap. Up to now, the total liquidity of wETH-ANY in Sushiswap has exceeded 3.6 million U.S. dollars, and the platform will continue to increase its liquidity rewards in the future.”

Integrating AnySwap cross-chain bridge in SushiSwap is a very significant step for this DeFi platform. It helps the system attract more users. Besides, cross-chain interoperability can be a great start for further expansions. When blockchains connect to each other, they can represent a fully connected decentralized financial system that can compete with most traditional institutions.

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