OKEx now supports BAT token; Spot trading starting soon

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OKEx exchange added Basic Attention Token (BAT) to its platform. Users could deposit BAT to the accounts starting today at 9:00 (UTC). BAT spot trading (BTC/USDT, BTC/BTC) and withdrawal will be available at 9:00 March 03 (UTC) and 9:00 March 04 (UTC). The BAT token utilizes inside the famous Brave browser, and users, advertisers, and publishers can use it on the platform.

BAT and Brave browser

Brave browser is a privacy-focused project that started in May 2015. It claims to address the growing privacy issues in today’s digital advertising industry.

The Brave founders – including Brendan Eich, co-founder at Mozilla & Firefox – believe selling users’ data to advertisers just makes tech giants more powerful. They try to develop new ways to pay users and publishers.

Brave blocks advertise and trackers on websites and also provides a private tab powered by Tor. The Brave team claims their private tab is the most secure tool for protecting users’ data and browsing behavior.

BAT or Basic Attention Token is another project developed by the team of the Brave browser. The ERC20 token that was developed on top of Ethereum can be used as a new way of payment in the advertisement industry. The BAT “will be the token of utility in a new, decentralized, open-source, and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform,” its website claims.

The users of the Brave browser get paid by BAT token for viewing ads. Publishers and advertisers sign partnership based on paying by BAT token. Users will be part of the advertising economy, and the money circulation can be more precise.

The BAT founders considered the BAT token to be only used in the Brave advertising ecosystem.

But the token is now being traded in more than 150 crypto exchanges – soon on OKex, too. Anyway, 1,500,000,000 tokens issued primarily by the founding team and 1,430,500,738 tokens are in circulation supply now.  The BAT token price is about $0.22 at the time of writing.

The BAT token is ranked 31st cryptocurrency by market cap, which can be considered a big win for a token that is only about two years old.


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