How to win the Basic Attention Token [BAT] using the Brave browser

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Basic Attention Token [BAT] is a cryptocurrency that is attracting more and more interest. BAT is an ERC 20 token whose mission is to improve the efficiency of digital advertising.

Thanks to the Brave browser, you can win this cryptocurrency just by browsing the internet.

What is Brave?

We could define Brave as the evolution of internet browsers. This open source browser blocks malicious ads and data capture crawlers.

These blockages of unnecessary information for the user makes the website load up to 6 times faster than other better known browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

To reward its users, Brave anonymously monitors the user’s attention (but does not collect any information about them).

How do I configure Brave to gain BAT?

The first thing we have to do to earn Basic Attention Token [BAT] using Brave is to download the browser from the official website.

Once downloaded we have 2 options, to win BAT as a user watching advertising, or as a content creator.

Win BAT in Brave as a user

Once the browser is installed, we must activate the BAT rewards. There are 2 ways, one from the Brave icon located on the right side of the browser bar and another from the page menu as shown in the image.

activate brave rewards

From this tab you can configure if you want to activate or deactivate the rewards, the amount of ads that Brave can show you per hour, if you want to contribute with the content creators making automatic donations or give a tip to a specific website, twitter account or youtube channel.

“Earn tokens by viewing ads on Brave. The ads offered are based on your interests, as deduced from your browsing behavior. No personal data or browsing history leaves your browser… The rewards are paid monthly. Set the desired frequency to increase or decrease earnings.”, they state on their website.

In some regions the web can show a warning:

“We are sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.”

This is because Brave keeps working and adding these rewards in different places, if you get this message don’t worry, you’ll be able to earn BATs with Brave soon.

How do these reward ads appear on Brave?

Brave rewards ads do not appear like the ones normally shown on a website.

These notifications appear in the browser while we are viewing a page, usually on the right side. If we want to access the ad and earn BATs, we will have to click on it.

Win BAT at Brave as a content creator

The first step to earn BATs as a content creator, is to add your page to the Brave publishers. We will guide you step by step so you can do it quickly and smoothly.

Step 1 – Go to the Basic Attention token publisher page and enter an email to create your account.


Click on [Create Account] and you will receive a verification email, go to the url that appears in the email. To complete the login, simply enter your name.


Step 2 – In this window, you will be able to configure your account to start earning BAT.

[1] Create your Uphold account

Creating an uphold account is very simple, you only need to enter an email, a password and your place of residence.

[2] Add the channel from which you want to earn BATs with your content, you can choose between a website, a youtube channel, a Twich channel or a twitter account among others.


In this example, we will add a website. The registration process asks us to enter the domain name of our website.


To verify that this website is ours, we must install a plug-in and enter a verification number.

It is very simple, we only need to install and activate the plug-in that indicates the website, access it and enter the verification code. Once this is done, we must click on [VERIFY] to complete the process.

brave verifcated domain


The conclusion about Brave is quite positive, there is not much against a browser that increases privacy, blocks advertising and does not collect information about our browsing data. And that it rewards both users and content creators with BAT cryptomoney.

If you want to benefit from everything BAT has to offer, don’t hesitate, start using it now and leave behind those browsers that flood us with advertising, that use our data to make money, and that are much slower.

If you want to support it, you can see the pages and channels of the different content creators that have registered from here.


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