Brave Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin Cash Through

Brave Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin Cash Through
Table of Contents announced a new partnership with the privacy-focused web browser Brave. As a result of the new collaboration, Brave users can purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash through

“ has partnered with @brave to allow users to buy Bitcoin Cash directly inside their privacy centric browser,” tweeted’f founder, Roger Ver on October 21st.

The result of the partnership is now live as a widget in Brave’s latest version.

More Accessible Solutions for Crypto Fans

Letting users buy cryptocurrency through their browsers is a significant step toward more mainstream adoption. Brave browser has successfully attracted privacy-concerned users, and they always were the leaders in providing innovative and crypto-focused solutions. Their new partnership with can create lots of opportunities for more user growth.

As a result of Brave and’s latest partnership, Brave users can purchase cryptocurrencies like BCH using a widget in the browser. The widget is available in the newest version of Brave.

“The widget is available to users in select regions such as the EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Russia,” according to’s announcement post.


Brave has about 19.5 million monthly and 9.9 million daily active users. The browser had added multiple cryptocurrency exchange widgets before and plays a vital role in attracting mainstream users to the crypto world.

Bitcoin Cash users were among those who celebrated the new widget with excitement. They believe the new partnership makes BCH more popular among regular users. Now that privacy-focused users can easily buy BCH, the buying motivation may increase significantly.

“A lot of people love BCH, and the service,” Jonathan Sampson, Senior Developer Relations at Brave tweeted. “We want these people to be safe, and secure when they’re using Brave. For this reason, a widget helps to protect their transactions,” he added.

The ultra-fast speed of transactions in the Bitcoin Cash network and fewer transaction fees in comparison with Bitcoin are two of the most critical competitive advantages for BCH. These features, next to more convenient access to buying services, can make BCH more preferred for regular users.

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