New Neo DApp Conjure is Building a Decentralized Content Platform

New Neo DApp Conjure is Building a Decentralized Content Platform
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Conjure, the new NEO Decentralized Application [DApp] is building a content platform that aims to reward everyone who participates on the Conjure platform with cryptocurrency.

The application has four guiding principles as listed below;

  1. The discovery of the content must be anchored on transparent open source algorithms that are governed by consensus of the economy.
  2. Governance and monetization on the Conjure platform should be rooted on a series of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.
  3. The distribution of content platform should be controlled by users of the platform and not a central authority with economic incentive to enable people to consume content. This prevents content contributors from starving while the central organisation becomes wealthy.
  4. Participants on this platform should be rewarded for their participation. These participants basically include creators who spend time producing the content, the consumers of the content, and the developers who keep the system alive by writing code to facilitate content.

About Conjure

Most content creators depend on advertising platforms, which are centralized autonomous entities that can change the rules at a moment’s notice, in order to monetize their content. Conjure offers a solution to this due to its decentralized nature.

Conjure aims to eradicate the dependency on these centralized platforms by providing creators with the required platform that will enable them to regain their creative independence. On the Conjure platform, creators have communities to call home as well as the ability to reach the rest of the platform through quality content aggregation.

Ad Placement on Conjure

Conjure employs the same structure as the one used by Carolus Linnaeus over 200 years ago when he invented taxonomy to organize all life on earth into a single framework. Conjure uses this structure to sort content based on community.

When it comes to monetization, the platform utilized its unique Depth Engine architecture to facilitate advertising primarily through communities instead of facilitating advertising entirely through a centralized, key-word based algorithm.

Ad Placement on Conjure

According to the Conjure Network,

“Placement is facilitated through a queue system, which matches ads with content in specific communities. For an advertiser, entry order into the queue is determined by their ‘weight’ and amount of CONJURE staked. On the other side of the queue, creators enter the based on their following size, average views, like to dislike ratio, and reputation.’’

Time works in favour of smaller creators and brands in order to keep the queue moving and thus ensures that they get matched and not buried underneath the big players.

In future, the platform also plans to provide additional content formats and monetization options to create room for the diversity of creators and their unique niches.


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