NEO Joins Coinbase-Led Interoperability-Focused Project Rosetta

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NEO, an open-source blockchain platform driven by the community, has joined recently launched Coinbase-led open-source project Rosetta that lets blockchains talk to each other. NEO has also contributed to Rosetta Construction and Data API.

NEO team announced the news in a blog post published on Friday, August 28. According to the blog post, NEO will together with the Rosetta team to build to improve protocol integration processes in order to build the next-gen Internet.

According to the description given in the blog post, “Rosetta is a new project to standardize the process of deploying and interacting with blockchains.” All the member blockchain networks in Rosetta can talk to each other. With the integration of NEO with Rosetta, they can now talk to the NEO blockchain.

At present, each blockchain in the industry is different, making it difficult and time-consuming for project developers to integrate other blockchains. The process requires an ultra-careful analysis of the unique aspects of each blockchain and extensive communication with its developers to understand the best strategies to deploy nodes. The process becomes even more pressing when a blockchain project upgrades its software. This requires project developers to continuously modify and test their integration.

This results in loss of time and resources. As NEO, in its blog post, said:

“Project developers spend countless hours answering similar support questions for each team integrating their blockchain, rather than spending time working on their blockchain. With their questions answered, each integrating team then writes a similar code to interface with the blockchain instead of spending their engineering resources adding support for more blockchain projects or working on unique products and applications.”


What Is Rosetta

Rosetta, launched by Coinbase on June 17, 2020, aims to establish a standard for protocol integration. The project helps other exchanges, wallets, and blockchain networks in improving their communication.

According to Coinbase publication announcing the launch, the leading crypto exchange initially developed Rosetta as the middleware used to integrate blockchains into its platform securely and painlessly. Now the platform has been released for the whole blockchain space hoping that it can reduce development and integration time for both developers and crypto platforms alike.

As an open-source project, everyone can contribute to the project. NEO is the only blockchain player to join this project. Filecoin, Celo, Near, Oasis, Coda, Ontology, Kadena, Handshake, Blockstack, and Sia had joined Rosetta even before the launch.

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