NEM Partners With Good Crypto to Provide Better Portfolio Tracking to NEM Community

NEM Partners With Good Crypto to Provide Better Portfolio Tracking to NEM Community
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Good Crypto announced a new partnership with NEM with a focus on providing a more comfortable trading experience for XEM traders. The partnership results in more straightforward portfolio management for XEM users. They can use Good Crypto app for various use-cases. Good Crypto says that their partnership with NEM covers Symbol (XYM), too, and the new token will be added to portfolio managers at the time of launch.

User-Friendly Asset Management for NEM Community

Asset managing applications like Good Crypto play a vital role in the cryptocurrency community. They help you track the record of your tokens on demand and enjoy some trading opportunities, too.

Good Crypto is one of those applications that provides trading opportunities thanks to integrating 30 cryptocurrency exchanges. Their recent partnership with NEM is excellent news for XEM holders. They can now connect their wallets to Good Crypto and enjoy both asset management and trading opportunities.

NEM community members now have a comprehensive tool to manage their holdings and trade them with other cryptocurrencies. They can connect their exchange accounts very easily and trade XEM on demand.

According to the announcement, Good Crypto will support Symbol token XYM, too. It means XEM holders will receive and view their XYM tokens at the Good Crypto app. There are many options available for XEM holders in the Good Crypto app. Price alerts, portfolio management, programmable trade market overview, new listing alerts, and live order books are some of these options.

The collaboration between NEM and Good Crypto shows an excellent opportunity for NEM users who need a comprehensive portfolio management service. Good Crypto says about the partnership:

“By announcing our partnership with NEM, we now have integrated NEM wallets tracking (Symbol wallets tracking will be added soon) in our application for more efficient and convenient portfolio tracking and management by the NEM community members and token holders.”

The trading option in Good Crypto is one of the best opportunities for NEM users. They can connect their accounts in 30 cryptocurrency exchanges and trade XEM very quickly. Good Crypto promises to add new trading features over time that help the NEM community trade easier. Options like automatic trading, price alerts, transaction alerts, market watch, and market summary notifications are some of the current services.

Partnerships between applications and cryptocurrency projects always lead to more adoption. When a coin is supported in an application or service, more users will be encouraged to adopt the new coin. The recent partnership between Good Crypto and NEM is not different. It will surely help both participants attract more users and grow faster.

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