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moviecoin the ico for cinema and entertainment
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If we will understand something with the rise of ICOs, it is the excellent opportunity to live a technological, economic and global revolution that will have a positive impact on all areas of our daily lives.

Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies, it is a technology that is opening possibilities that will change the paradigms of each industry in which it is applied. In the field of entertainment blockchain is proving its worth, ranging from online games, betting, sports, to the music and film industry.

In this last particular on this occasion we will talk about a blockchain platform arising from the film industry itself and its proposal: MovieCoin.

MovieCoin is the result of a very clear business vision, based on experience in the film industry, and with a deep understanding of the possibilities that blockchain technology will give in that industry, creating a new paradigm.

MovieCoin Holdings Inc. is the company that is shaping this platform that aims to be a reference and means of financing film and television projects with democratization principles to access these projects by participating in financing and in the other stages of the normal business cycle of all project of this type.

ico moviecoin blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the cinema

With this the new paradigm will come to the industry a new class of investors, all those film fans who want to go a step further and provide investment in crypto, the MovieCoin, in a new concept for the industry, with greater transparency and efficiency.

Since the main Hollywood studios finance their productions through more conservative figures related to large private capitals and associations with large financial investors, most other investors do not have the opportunity to participate directly in the contribution and development of high level film or television productions.

MovieCoin aims to become the leading entertainment business transaction platform for both investment companies and consumers, and become the main cryptocurrency to finance movies, television and other media related to the entertainment industry.

With the MovieCoin platform any entertainment asset, such as a movie, TV series or other multimedia resource, can be managed during its life cycle from the development of each one, to the sale or file.

MovieCoin also makes use of cryptography to, on the one hand, provide investors with financial solutions designed to mitigate risks and simplify operations, and on the other hand offer lovers of this entertainment industry a more attractive way to participate in the cinematic experience.

MovieCoin with its platform and business conception taking advantage of blockchain technology, challenges traditional financing practices by offering the possibility of project development to independent producers by providing an alternative and fundraising medium for film and television production.

In order to promote the MovieCoin platform, the Company reached a strategic agreement with BANKEX, a blockchain financial technology company, to support itself in its technological platform.

The MovieCoin token – MOV – is a token compatible with the ERC20 standard designed to be used as a utility to make payments in the transactions of the entertainment industry through the platform.

The company is making its public sale of tokens, and to help entertainment enthusiasts become part of this experience, is carrying out a bounty program to reward its followers based on a series of tasks that they specify in their blog .

To know more details about this platform, we suggest you check their White Paper, and join at their Telegram channel, where you can have access to the news of the project.


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