MAID DeFi Platform Launched IDO on SushiSwap’s MISO Platform

MAID DeFi Platform Launched IDO on SushiSwap’s MISO Platform
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MAID is the latest DeFi platform to run an initial DEX offering on the MISO platform of SushiSwap. The IDO will go live on Aug 4th at 00:00 am (Midnight) UTC. It’s another great news for MISO that went live some weeks ago as a launchpad for DeFi platforms on SushiSwap.

MAID can become a successful project because of its focus on NFT concepts and providing gamification features to users. It offers various features to users, encouraging them to hold assets or trade more on the platform.

More NFT Platforms Launching on SushiSwap

SushiSwap is one of the most famous DeFi platforms in the crypto industry. After achieving numerous goals and milestones in terms of TVL and users, the community decided to provide a launchpad for small projects on the blockchain. MISO was the result of a proposal in the community that attracted considerable attention from developers, too. Many projects launched their IDO on MISO and resulted in considerable growth for the community. The latest project to launch on MISO is called MaidCoin that will run its IDO on Aug 4th, 2021.

MAID IDO will include 30,000 $MAID tokens that will be distributed based on a Dutch Auction type. The starting price for each MAID token will be 0.015 ETH. Participating in the IDO is easy and just needs connecting wallets like MetaMask to Besides, you should have enough ETH in the balance to participate in the auction. There is a complete how-to for participating in the auction here.

As mentioned above, MaidCoin is a project with a focus on NFT concepts. It combines the NFT encouragements with DeFi tools. Gamification is a vital component in this platform that encourages the users to buy and hold more tokens. Anime characters are the main elements of this platform. The growing interest in these characters may surely attract more users to the MaidCoin platform. MAID is the native token of the platform that will be sold and distributed in the upcoming IDO. An interesting feature of the MaidCoin platform is that you can earn passive income by holding NFTs in your wallet. According to MaidCoin announcement:

“Users will need $MAID tokens to join passive raids, which will give players a NursePart NFT after 1 to 3 days. By combining predefined NursePart NFTs, users can forge their Nurse NFTs, the ultimate goal, because these Nurse NFTs generate passive income, paid in $MAID tokens. NFT holders don’t need to stake, as the Nurse NFTs automatically yield farm $MAID tokens into their owner’s wallet.”

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