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Justin Sun Unveils His Platform’s Side Chain Solution The Sun Network

To further development and unlock unlimited scaling capacity in his platform, Justin Sun is pushing his platform to the next level through The Sun Network. He aims to improve several aspects of his platform by prospering its MainNet through scaling solutions.

Although Justin Sun’s The Sun Network is already in testnet mode having being launched on May 30th, the primary goal of side chain solution is to push the development of Tron network further through integrating new scaling projects such as cross chain communications and DAppChain.

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Furthermore, through the scaling projects, the solution will help bring forth a positive impact in the entire blockchain industry while advancing Tron’s whole ecosystem.

While the scaling solution will help improve the overall performance of the Tron platform, for side chain scaling project DAppChain it will help in various ways, but most importantly it will come in handy at the development of smart contracts.

DAppChain comes with a high level of efficiency, which will enable customization of methods on the chain. Furthermore, through its incorporation into DApps, it will improve the level of security measures in place and reduce energy consumption significantly.

On the other hand, the scaling solution will come in handy at helping support the ever-growing number of transactions on the Tron platform. With previous figures showing Justin Sun platform growth rising in months, for instance, after the launch of TVM in October 2018, the platform had 500 DApps running on its platform in just seven months. The Sun Network will unlock Tron MainNet capabilities and support the ever-growing number of transactions on its ecosystem.

Since the project is already in testnet mode, the rest of DApp sidechain project integration is as follows:

The project was launched on 30th May, and it’s in testnet mode where its primary goal is to test the expansion of Tron Mainnet. Similarly, during the testnet process, the sidechain will help in the development of smart contracts.

After completion of the first phase, the second phase will kick off on 30th August with further decentralization and assets security on Tron network taking center stage. In addition to the decentralization process taking place, community support for side chain ecological construction will take place. After the above two phases, implementation, full deployment, and integration will kick off on 15th September and bring everything to an end.

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